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June 25 , 2019
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Timewave Zero - Sufi

 ( Dacru ,  Nov. 2008 )

1. Sim City 7:46 2. Out There (feat. Electric Wind) 7:27 3. Gravitational Wave 7:44 4. Sleep is Good 7:30 5. Brainactivity 7:21 6. Excarbur 6:58 7. N Directory 7:08 8. Antilope (vs. DigiCult) 6:52 9. This Tortion 7:34

A Debut Album by Mohsine Kabbouchi, also known as Sufi, and based based in Ghent, Belgium. In Timewave Zero heís collaborating once again with his home base local label Dacru, after previously releasing with them on their compilations.
This is my first encounter with Sufi's music, and this is definitely massive release for a debut album, with high production levels. I should also mention that the album was mastered by Silicon Sound, who did an excellent job here). Stomping kick and bass from the first minute, coming after a nice vocal intro, always keeping up with high energy levels and great bouncy factor. Delicate sounds and slow buildups, not too busy and never noisy, yet never too empty for maximal lover like me. While the music is in a kind of a simple style, it is great for dance floors as well as for home/car listen. I especially liked track 3- Gravitational Wave- with some great sound programming and Goaish leads. Overall some real feel of Goa is coming from time to time with melodic sounds all through the album and these are the best parts for me, could even use little more of that maybe. I like those shiny promising melodies. In Sleep is Good I find a lot of the 'puzzle' style sounds that complete each other in perfect way that I like so much. Also the end of track 5 got an epic melody with those TB sounds and itís the same in track 7. +2 points for these great endings. The rest gets a bit more powerful and deep, but still always with a melodic feel in it.

Recomendation:  All and all a very enjoyable and playful psychedelic full on album. Each track has its own color, but they still manage to create a good listening as the album unfolds, with changing basslines and different ideas. Obviously Sufi isnít the kind of artist that is stuck on a loop and he keeps evolving from track to track. I couldnít escape the feeling of 'I heard this idea before' from time to time, but thatís definitely not the major tone and generally Timewave Zero is chunky psy all along.
Iím sure we will hear much more from this project and that its evolution will continue. Definitely good work from Mr. Kabbouchi. A great album for debut and Iím looking forward for future works.

Review by : Elad W.

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