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June 20 , 2019
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Tratosphare - Puls

 ( Kunst Treff ,  2001 )

1. Pilz 21:02 2. Elefant 11:36 3. Strichcode 15:55 4. Luna 14:10

Well, sometimes you just bump accidentally into a CD and turns to be a real happy day. This is why I like to just go and buy blind every once in a while, and though it doesn't always turn out good, with the years you get to develop the instincts. This is what happened to me with the Tratosphare album. So out of nowhere I recommend you to try and search for this one, I have no clue where can you find it, and I really don't know much about these three Swiss guys, but those with a better German can try here: www.tratosphaere.com (cool site as well!). Puls is an excellent album, very complex, very interesting, very psychedelic, very emotional, very diverse- touching anything from relaxed ambient moments, through funky jazzy bits, to trancey rhythms and psychedelic rock touches. All that while staying pretty much undefined, which is exactly how I like my music. All this rich musical experience is created by three people using drums, bass, synths and a lot of electronics. It has complex musical moments, highly psychedelic ones, and even spots that'll make you laugh. It will never get you bored and will keep you surprised even after many listens. It does that to me, and I am hard to surprise. A bliss.

Recomendation:  where have you been hiding, guys? My CD of the week for sure, I guess that in another 3 weeks it'll be the CD of the month. A must search for.
Favorites: the whole thing.

Review by : Shahar

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