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June 20 , 2019
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Tribal Matrix 2

 ( Dakini ,  Mar. 2009 )

1. Makyo- Malfouf 3:43 2. Omar Faruk Tekbilek- Toros (Kaya Project remix) 5:54 3. Jef Stott- Junjara 5:45 4. Drumspyder- Dunanwi 5:06 5. Omar Faruk Tekbilek- Dulger (Greg Hunter remix) 5:46 6. Rain in Eden- Rumi 5:06 7. Taichi Masuda- Butcha Bassment 4:33 8. Taal Fiza- Infospehere 3:38 9. Makyo- Parandeh 5:25 10. Drumspyder- Kalypso 4:16 11. Rain In Eden- Haqiqa 6:24 12. Dubsahara- Zentropy 7:11 13. Adham Shaikh- Kundalini Fuel 13:29

Tribal Matrix 2 is basically Dakini doing what it does best, 13 delicious tracks that sound naturally ethnic. Not forced or sample ridden like a lot of Psychill has become. Bouncing back after what I thought was quite a disappointing album in Lumin- Ketri, Tribal Matrix 2 is better than the first Tribal Matrix and on par with the great Nada Masala series. Yes, the Sky Dancers are back on form. Listening to this compilation is like being transported to exotic lands, being amused in lavish palaces full of gold and people dressed in colourful attire made for entertainment. In many of the tracks I can picture the two ladies on the front cover dancing in the centre of the room and a host of people eating, drinking, mingling and being merry. In others I can picture myself outside in a hot country but away from the city so the heat is comfortable rather than stifling, sitting next to a lake on the seashore dancing under the stars with your best friends that you have just met and will never see again. The whole compilation just feels free. Mmagine the feeling you get when you have just finished school, you donít plan to get a job for another year and you have saved enough money to just go traveling around the world. You visit wonderful places with no pressure to move on quickly, only to enjoy yourself. Itís a wonderful feeling and one I am glad to get back just by putting on a CD.

Makyo provides 2 tracks for this compilation, and though you always know that with Makyo you are going to get some high quality vibes, even I was surprised by how good these tracks are. Malfouf is a wonderful mood setter opening the album, while Parandeh is an extremely trippy track with a lot of layers and instruments, short vocals that come in sharply and fade out ethereally. Jef Stott gives us an absolutely amazing track with Junjura (T3). The rhythms, melodies and the multitude of acoustic instruments (the lute is particularly nice) blend wonderfully into a very energetic, feel good chillout tune. Drumspyder also has two tracks on this compilation with strong beats and more of an electronic sound, yet they still keep the lovely natural flavour of the rest of the album. These tracks have really got me anticipating a Drumpsyder album. Rain In Edenís Rumi (T6) is a nice track that starts of pretty chilled but builds in intensity throughout until it feels like a large group of musicians jamming in harmony under a clear starry night. Haqiqa (T11) feels like a very welcome encore. Finishing with an Adham Shaikh track with additional help from Ishq should be mandatory for the rest of the series (please let there be more), as it is such a beautiful soft comedown with lush beats, melodies and an atmosphere that soothes my mind. Brilliant stuff.

Recomendation:  For Dakini fans and anyone who is a fan of ethnic music this is a must have. People who used to like ethnic psychill, but got bored with everything sounding the same or just sounding fake and plastic, could really have their love of the ethnic music return by listening to this wonderful, natural music from ĎShe who traverses the skyí.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4, 6, 9-11, 13.

Review by : Abasio

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