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June 24 , 2019
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Triptych - Electrology

 ( Turbo Trance Records ,  Mar. 2005 )

1. Access - 2:05 2. Question and answer - 8:53 3. Stop the press - 8:14 4. Bokoboko - 8:13 5. Fifty - 7:38 6. Electrology - 8:54 7. State of confusion (vs. DJ Beka) - 8:18 8. Own Desire (vs. DJ Senix) - 7:19 9. Wicked Jimmy - 8:19

A new Triptych CD is blessed news for me- I dug the first album as it was something a bit different then what was out at the time and since I also enjoyed many tracks on various compilations. Let’s begin with this one:
The first track, Access, is more of an intro to the album. It's about 2 minutes of quirky sounds that get you ready for the coming voyage. Question and Answer is a perfect example for what I think of when describing Triptych. There are lots of vocal samples being used as the actual sounds and games of the track. The bass is super groovy and reminds me of things that were coming out in the late 90’s. Stop the Press (T3) is one of the highlights- very melodic and good games with a TB… too many vocals manipulations to even begin naming and a general groove that carries the track well. Bokoboko has a sample that reminds me of an Africa Bambataa track, very cool guitar work here… the use of samples on this CD is really something else. Fifty (T5) is another dance floor groover, with those vocals ordering you around and time stretched noises- "I’m not stopping until they stop". The title track Electrology is up next. Very unique structure again- typical only to Triptych. Good clear sounds and balance here as well. State of Confusion (T7) has some samples that throw me off each time, I remember them from a Silicon Sound track and expect to hear what comes on, only that its not that track at all… I don’t think this is the best track here… Own Desire with DJ Senix delivers another dance floor hit. I like this track, its use of vocals to manipulate the flow and the ideas and sounds are extremely lucid. I enjoyed Wicked Jimmy coming on the end of the journey. Sort of an optimistic track with lots of melodies and funkiness. Definitely last but not least…

Recomendation:  This is a brilliant CD in concept. It is fun to listen to- I don’t really pay attention to the tracks moving along usually until the 6th or 7th track… what Charles is doing with vocals and audio in general is something that nobody else is doing right now. Some parts of the CD remind me of the French group Air and since I like them I can connect to those parts here. The music is a combination of groove, funk and crystal clear production. Even the distortion sounds clear. Very good stuff, highly recommend welcoming the spring with.

Review by : Gadi Vered (Surrender)

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