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June 27 , 2019
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True Story

 ( Sentimony ,  Apr. 2008 )

01. Spectrum Vision- Mystical Experience 3:34 02. Chronos- Time Vision 7:41 03. Dagas- Sombrero Galaxy 7:03 04. Astropilot- Enlightment 8:41 05. Zymosis Feat. Hvoya- Needle 6:27 06. Liquid Mind- Free Dance 6:43 07. Unusual Cosmic Process- Smooth Turbulance 9:41 08. Franz Gesu- Dark Water 2:46 09. Sphingida- Machaen 6:35 10. Unstable Elements & Madgentel- Yumy 9:13 11. Taff- Wind 3:58 12. Sol- Chudd 51 6:10

True Story is the 4th release of Sentimony Records, a Ukranian based label. Orlovskiy and Zea were the persons responsible for the compiling of this CD. In this compilation you can find a lot of experimental sublime sounds, with some organic feelings, mixed with the more regular sounds that usually compose Ambient or Chill Out tunes. True Story offers a blend of a lot of sounds, and in some cases even very disturbing ones, and Astropilot’s Enlightment (T4) comes to my mind where he merges a mixture of melodic stuff, with twisted child samples, and some distorted, abnormal noises combined with some out-of-tune flute. But also we have the Zymosis and Hvoya tune (Needle, T5) that goes in a very different direction from the mechanism of the Astropilot track and creates a piece of music that has certain elements of drum n bass, in an exploration of space travelling atmosphere.
The Liquid Mind track- Free Dance- is as its name suggests suitable for dancing, and it even contains Goa trance elements at a slow rhythm. And the track that follows- Smooth Turbulance, from Unusual Cosmic Process (T7) is simply brilliant. The atmosphere revolving around the tune creates a special moment in time and space while it lasts! So you can expect a lot of types of sonorities to explore, touching lounge sounds to downbeat, passing through smooth ambient music, and True Story for sure it doesn’t become boring and I feel a lot of people will be pleased because of the variety of music that this CD contains.

This compilation searches for innovation and explores other territories than your regular “melodic and beautiful” music, and it pushes boundaries in the land of experimentation. It still has its moments of beautiful and melodic elements too, but it has a lot of untried, new and inventive directions. And some of the tunes include downbeat, or slow beat, which makes a nice ingredient for those who like slow twisted music with a pinch of beat to give it more rhythm. But not all is perfect, and there are little flaws, in my humble opinion. Some tunes, I feel, are out of tune, out of balance and certain sounds do not fit so well and make them loose their consistency.

Recomendation:  Overall this is a great CD, and it has some pearls for Chill Out/Ambient DJs. It took me some time till this compilation grew on me, but now I really am enjoying it.

Favorite tracks:4-7(!!), 9(!), 10(!)

Review by : a3k

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