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June 26 , 2019
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VA - Vanguard

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Nov. 2007 )

1. Duca – Green Lines 2. Even 11 – Like This (Komytea remix) 3. Tegma, Duca & Dj Slater – East Block 4. Greed vs. Sonic Cube – Wilde (Elegant Universe remix) 5. Vibrasphere – 102 Miles From Here (Jerome Isma-Ae remix) 6. Lish & Yotopia – Plastik Twist 7. LeRon & Yves Eaux – Welcome To The Real World 8. Peter Jürgens – You & Me 9. Ticon – In Stereo (Even 11 remix) 10. Nipp – Salvation

Tribal Vision records, slowly but surely is establishing its name on the electronic dance music market, proving itself as a mature, serious label which hosts some of the best artist nowadays. It originates from a party organization group founded back in 2001, morphing into a label, influenced by modern progressive crossover music but hanging on to its unique style. Managed by Dj Slater, based in Prague, it also serves as a successful booking & artist management agency.
The CD art captures the essence of the enormous grey cheap concrete blocks representing the evolution of the communism that has left a big stain into the people’s hearts over the years...

Opening it up with Duca, a moderately new act from Serbia, dropping bombs on almost every progressive/electro compilation, which is the case here. A pure example of crossing over. Romantic, emotional, pumpy yet groovy, not exaggerating in any moment. Back beating deeply and carrying heavy emotional cargo laden (T1). Pitch-shifted, adrift over rained-on backdrops, combined with strings that flaunt their lo-fi synthesis (T2), providing a galactic disco feel, metallic bass and percussions dipped into vast amounts of reverb. Recycled urban underground sounds inspired by the modern new age electronic music. As we head on, sounds squeezed out from intermediate technology, prog-like lead works on synths, it gets more chaotic by the minute as the artist collaboration adds to the dance floor havoc ,summoning up an emotional undertow through sonic savvy, definitely marking the “dark” ages that ruled the “East Block” in the past (T3). I sense a lot of compression being used here. The synth pop action with an electro edge shoots across waves of beats and bass, giving a darker overall feeling with addictive quality. Keeping the original theme, this remix made the piece more bouncier (T4). Smart usage of the rim beat in this remix, making me wonder if Vibrasphere remixing Jerome is better or the other way around. Anyways both artists are damn good producers, vibrasphere “exploring” the more floaty, mellow uplifting trance side and Jerome, the full of upbeat trance music with straight-ahead dance electronica. It's a great song nevertheless! (T5)
The minutes go by, and we had plenty of good music so far, let us see what the other half of the cd will bring us this time.
Manipulation of audio dynamic environment. A total surprise for our ears! (T6) Sturdy chopped bass line, making the layers groove into a coherent mixture of devilish minimalist waves, chopping the raver's body as he tries to catch up and distinct every sound unsuccessfully, whilst dancing. The production gets softer not lacking the jack-hammer dynamics. As we propel along the songs the beats are lowered in a shifting manner, the air string pads and the Fm-style beats are both hypnotic and melodic yet minimal in it's own way. (T9) Ending this quality compilation was easier than I thought. It's because of the good flow job, starting of pumpy and seriously, getting edgy and chaotic at the middle and going down at the end.

Recomendation:  The variety of artists used here is very nice and neatly blended into a rock solid electro/minimal compilation for big serious clubs, phat and crispy sound systems and new age ravers, intended for dancing and driving.

Favorite tracks:1!,2!,3!!,4!,5,6!!,9!! (that's almost all of the tracks)

Review by : kikola

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