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March 21 , 2019
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Vanguard 2- compiled by DJ Slater

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Feb. 2009 )

1. Vibrasphere- Isolation (Hidra remix) 6:50 2. Astronivo- Reaching Alizeta 8:38 3. Brisker & Magitman- Saint Elmo 7:26 4. Tegma, Duca & DJ Slater- East Block (Komytea remix) 8:16 5. Miki Litvak- Winki Style 6:57 6. Duca- Technology 7:08 7. Yotopia- Offset 7:39 8. Johnson & Haske- Breeze 8:04 9. Peter Gun- Ebrium 8:37 10. Nipp- ORL (James Harcourt remix) 6:50

The second compilation of the Vanguard series has arrived presenting a variety of 4/4 styles with previously unreleased and exclusive tracks specially selected by DJ Slater a.k.a. Michal Smetana, the head manager of Tribal Vision Records. The label started working in 2004 and nowadays has become one of the leading progressive labels.
The cold beauty of this compilation is represented by some of the most talented progressive producers around. Vibrasphere’s Isolation remixed by Hidra, sounds like night time music meant to be played on a big sound system penetrating clubs and hearts. The groovier part is here as well, and here Astronivo, Tegma and Johnson & Haske do the job. For the Astronivo guys I guess this is a piece of cake, they know how to make a perfect yet indescribable track which has its ups and downs respectively (T2). So, maybe Komytea was feeling jealous and decided that it's time to remix the Tegma guys. And so he did, producing a massive piece made for even more massive sound with uplifting progressive house anthem - “5KW ready™”(T3). As the CD continuously spins on my player I become more certain that there is much more than just groove here. And after a few more spins I prove myself right for which I have to thank Mr. Duca, Yotopia and James Harcourt. God damn Mr. Duca! That's quite a work you have there.... The ongoing sensation of progress and the Commodores like cheesy synths makes a grown man dance. Same goes for Yotopia with Offset (T7). Hmmm. the kick bass correlation is psy progressive, the tiny sounds are a bit minimal, the stabs are house like and overall the atmosphere is tight, proving the fermented talent that Yotopia possess. In Breeze (T8) sharp sounds and a tight deep rhythm herald another dance floor hit and is it for sure a sharp and infectious one.

Recomendation:  Most tracks are in the same vein: moody, tight and a bit twisted, with arrangements rendered even more powerful that suck in the listener. A must have release. The artwork is pretty much the same as the previous compilation but it has more colors and the artist presentation is unique as always.

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 4, 6-9, that's about all of them

Review by : Kikola

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