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June 24 , 2019
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Vibrasphere - Archipelago

 ( Digital Structures ,  May. 2006 )

1. Tierra Azul 2. Sweet September 3. Reservoir 4. Landmark 5. Seven Days To Daylight 6. Morning Breeze 7. Sudden Comfort 8. Baltic Resonance 9. Late Winter Storms

Five years ago a friend gave me a CD titled "Vibrasphere – Echo", their first album. I remember this moment very well because this was one of those moments that reshaped my taste in music. Two days later, I gave it back to him saying "This is too minimal, too intense for
me". A few months passed, and those minimal sounds have continued lurking in my head, until I asked my friend to give me back the CD for another listen. This time, I discovered a whole new, exciting dimension beneath those minimal sounds. The multi layered complexity of track such as Arcs and Sparks and Echo Plantation totally blew me away and spark my imagination. However, it seems like times have changed, not only for Vibrasphere, but for everybody.
The second album by Vibrasphere (Rickard Berglot and Robert Elster), "Lime Structure" was pretty nice, but not so intense anymore, and not as original as Echo. The "spark" was gone… And what does Archipelago has in store for us?
Well, it seems like Vibrasphere grew older. This album is packed in a very chilled atmosphere which actually makes me want to get on an airplane and fly to Vibrasphere's homeland, Sweden for a few months, to relax… Rich soundscapes become landscapes in my mind.
The trademark Vibrasphere sound and melodies still pops up here and there, but covered with a new, polished layer of uplifting sounds which makes it compatible with today's progressive dance floor. It contains slow and tracks (Tierra Azul) but some rough tracks also (like the eternal Morning Breeze). I read that the next album will be 100% downbeat. Looking forward to it.

Recomendation:  Take a CD player, go outside, to the place with the nicest view, press play and start dancing. But if you're looking for some 2001 "Echo" sounds, nowdays you have to look much harder…

Favorite tracks:2, 5, 6!

Review by : TiMMY

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