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June 24 , 2019
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Vibrasphere - Lungs of Life

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Dec. 2009 )

1. Decade 2. Breathing Place 3. Ensueño (Morning mix) 4. Waveguide 5. Analog Marinade 6. Follow Me 7. Dewdrops (Vibrasphere vs Ticon) 8. Erosion (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher remix) 9. 102 Miles From Here (Solead remix)

Starting with the very beginning of trance music itself, the Swedish duo Vibrasphere has followed the path faithfully for ten years and had made a bedrock of world wide reputation for making original, diverse and characteristic sound. In the distant 1998, Rickard and Robert worked separately with their own project and after Rickard's cousin introduced them to each other they founded the Vibrasphere project. Since then, they both had their hands full, working on their music and on various soundtracks film and media projects. Nowadays their music is recognized by some of the superstar Djs like: Hernan Cattaneo, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Chistopher Lawrence and many more. With this, the fifth release “Lungs of Life”, Vibrasphere should once again prove their talent, dedication and love towards the music.

Ambient mellowness, gliding towards the sun as the timeless space which surrounds us is leaving me dead silent for which my ears can feel, cannot be described with mere words, therefore I selfishly keep it for myself (T1). Sprinkled with an acoustic guitar, spiced with a perfect amount of effects, stirred with a variety of break beats and dipped into a deep phat bass is the perfect recipe for a marvelous down tempo piece, ongoing to infinity (T2). As soon as the deep and warm bass hits as a emotional hammer on the listener you'll know you are in for a good ride (T3). The sounds just keep blending, becoming something new and more whole with each moment. Hard kick and filtered bass herald the clubbier part of the CD. It seems as if Vibrasphere got taken with the minimalistic wave, but as soon as the acid chord kicks in into body jolting beats that leaves no one smiling, you are reassured that it's another masterpiece (T4). A well assembled multi layered rhythm which crackles and sizzles over the embracing synth all welded together into elegant simplicity. As the shimmering pads float the beat continues into a hypnotism that passively absorbs the feelings and sensations of the trance generation (T5). The round 303 like bass swirling from the lower towards the higher frequencies repetitively trancing the listener is part of a another crossed over mellow track with a good story to tell (T6). The way that Vibrasphere are able to strip everything down to its essentials before embracing the ears by the floating, liquid melodies and vocals is just stunning. Full texture sounds, complex but effective the uplifting ending of the CD is resonating along with the dance floor as the rhythmical complexity continues to pound hard on the speakers and so the plot unfolds (T7,T8). As this CD gets closer to it's end the focus is clearly on the power of repetition (T9). The electro remix from Solead is fun and funky, the stabs are full and reverbed, not too hard and not too sleazy it brings as to a full stop of this wonderful journey.

Recomendation:  Still evolving, still experimenting with new types of styles and sounds, this album has crossed over so many times that I lost count and on the way blending tons of emotive content which once again, has proven the power of the acid sounds despite the fact that they are utterly overused. The sleek “green” cover, and the informative text inside the CD are a good, informative addition with this release.

Favorite tracks:2,3!!,5!,7!!

Review by : kikola

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