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June 26 , 2019
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Void: Disintegration

 ( Dark Prisma ,  Feb. 2008 )

01 – Megalospy – Zasas,Zasas Nasatanada, Zasas - 8:29 (150 BPM) 02 – Frantic Noise – Consciencia Forest - 7:03 (146 BPM) 03 – Pandora´s Box Vs Will O´Wisp – Event Horizon – 8:28 (148 BPM) 04 – Gregh On Earth – Bandwith Sunyiata – 7:03 (144 BPM) 05 – Cerebral Factory – Nia Kor – 6:54 (152 BPM) 06 – Megalopsy Vs Xikwry Neyrra – Shapeshifter – 7:48 (154 BPM) 07 – Polyphonia – Floating Away – 7:35 (150 BPM) 08 – Encephalopaticis – Spiritual Experience – 9:56 (148 BPM) 09 – Abyss Ooze – Disintegrating Serapsis – 8:34 (146 BPM) 10 – prisma - The Void (The hidden Palace) – 7:03 (100 BPM)

Void – Desintegration is the third release by Dark Prisma Records. And with this release they went to explore other sonorities and other dominions a little bit different from the previous releases, as well has discover new territories for the mind and soul.
Let us see an insight through this CD:
The track Zazaz, Zazaz, Nasatanada, Zazaz (T1) is produced by Megalopsy. This first tune reflects what you can encounter in this CD – real psychedelic sounds, fast and “furious” music full of energy. This one is really wacko and a little bit different from older works from Megalopsy: they made a more night orientated approach with twisted and industrial sounds. This is a nice appetizer for the CD.
Now we enter the domains of Frantic Noise – one of the members of Megalopsy, who already counts with one released album: The Nordland Orchestra. With Consciencia Forest (T2), and like the name suggests, we can hear lots of sounds that are connect, and belong within a forest. If you had the chance to hear his album you know what you will encounter in here, and in this one he makes an “alliance” between hypnotic sounds, sharp leads and fast music full of vigour and dancing elements. Favourite.
Now we move to a collaboration track: Will O´ Wisp and Pandora’s Box with Event Horizon (T3). To me they are newcomers and what a nice track they have made together. There are magnetic leads, industrial and mechanical sounds. Most part of the track there is a lead that is really cracking me some brain cells. What have called up my attention are the numerous sounds they have putted in this track filling it very well, without ruining it and turning it to total chaos. There are sounds appearing from nowhere making twists, spirals of sounds, and disappearing for never more to be heard. Some weird sounds very look like crazy cats from outer space; well, there are not enough words to describe all the sonorities of this music. Favourite.
Gregh On Earth is an U.S.A. producer that has an particular way of making music, one that I have never found in any other artist. When you hear his work you see you are in another dimension, and Bandwith Suniyata (T4) is no exception. Listening to his works you almost feel connect to alien’s music – his works are so weird and so different from the regular tracks that you feel something fresh on music; you feel a fresh breeze of air when listening to his works. When you put play with his music, be prepared to be teleported to another dimension of sounds. Interesting track.
Cerebral Factory is the work of two projects: Electrypnose and Karash. The tune Nia Kor (T5) has some interesting leads and ideas, and touches hypnotic sonorities throughout of it. More to the end of it, the trademark of Vince Electrypnose is clearly heard, and it is something very nice because it gives a great rhythm to the track.
Now we are transported to another collaboration track: Xikwry Neyrra and Megalopsy bringing Shapeshifter (T6). From some time I am connoisseur of Xikwry Neyrra`s sonorities and Megalopsy`s work and I was really anxious to hear what would this mixture give. The tune has a really strong start, and it may put some brains out of orbit with the beginning. The 1st part of this track is just delicious and we can hear some acidic and spellbinding leads. It has some parts that remind me Higko´s fast music and his insane roller drums. I really like the beginning of this track but somehow it seems the tune more to the end looses a little bit of energy and the leads turn in some way repetitive. Nevertheless a very interesting tune.
Polyphonia with Floating Away (T7) is the same has to say: out of this world music; music brought by aliens. You can expect in this track some sounds very look like the sonar of dolphins, or whales. This type of echo is always mixed on the background the wicked and weird leads that are Mr. Polyphonia trademark. Somehow his unique style never gets boring and without being one of the more “monstrous” dance floor tunes ever created by him, it surely transmits a lot of energy and chaotic feelings. Interesting tune.
Now we enter the domains of Encephalopaticis with Spiritual Experience (T8), and by signal the longest tune presented with a total time of: 9:56 minutes. This tune I consider to be aimed for the soul. The sonority of this one isn’t much strident or to “lousy”, in fact this is a smooth track, with very mature sounds touching some metallic echoes with ultra acidic hypnotic leads – after all the trade mark of Encephalopaticis. Attractive tune.
Now we enter the last trance tune of this compilation with Abyss Ooze. The persons behind this project are Filtr0 and Pandora´s Box. Disintegrating Serapsis (T9), on the contrary of its predecessor is a very dynamic tune. And what an excellent away to end this wonderful journey: this last tune reflects what to expect of the majority of the tunes for this CD: industrial distorted twisted sounds with lots of danceable elements and it is very energetic, and all combined in a very chaotic mood.
And so finally we arrive to the very last tune of this “void”. Prima, which is one of Filtr0´s parallel projects, brings The Void (Hidden Palace) (T10). This is a downtempo tune that ends this CD in a marvellous way: music deep and intense. I can only recommend you to listen to it.
The mastering of this compilation was made by Tim Schuldt.
The artwork was made by Anadalúcia. Now specifying the artwork I can only give the congratulations to Dark Prisma Records, because this is something I didn’t saw in along time in psychedelic trance CD`s. If you open the inside booklet it will transform into a big sheet with two figures one female and the other male and a text related to the Void concept. It is fantastic how the graphic and the musical aspect of this CD were so very well made.
Also I want to say that this compilation called Desintegration is included in the Void series, a concept being developed by the Megalopsy boys. And by this conception the tracks in here were divided into 4 parts. Track 1, 2 and 3 are located in the invocation part; track 4, 5 and 6 in the Disintegration part; track 7, 8 and 9 in the Illusion part; and finally the last track on The Link part.

Recomendation:  I just want to say that this release is very well spent money. The music is very interesting, and challenging. It has some nice pearls and the work developed by Dark Prisma Records will surely keep your senses captive - both eyes and ears. Recommended CD.

Favorite tracks:2,3.

Review by : a3k

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