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June 20 , 2019
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Warp Technique - Make Animals Happy

 ( Dubmission ,  Nov. 2008 )

1. Softly Spoken Spell 1:59 2. Nowhere Dub 9:56 3. Make Animals Happy 6:39 4. Nightbreak 10:02 5. Wonderland 8:08 6. History of Dreams 8:40 7. Whale Salt Dog 4:44 8. Arab Star 10:46 9. Solid State 8:01 10. Warp Dub 5 4:59 11. ...in the Valley of the Kodama 2:23

Warp Technique was originally created as an experimental dance project by friends Bill Fuller and Tom deMajo, with inspiration and studio collaboration from maestro Ted E Dog, the Warp Technique sound evolved to encompass a broader range of movement in moment.

Weaving sounds from across the electronic spectrum, one cannot pigeon hole this album. I can describe it as a dub odyssey brought to you through double dipped doses of spacey progressive ambient grooves, which makes you wanna call it minimal techno but that Iím afraid couldn't be further away from the truth. This is chillout of the psychedelic kind at its maximal best. A general description to sum it straight up for people looking for a short explanation of what this album is all about would be "Fat dub grooves interspersed with sound effects from a far away alien land - fodder for the escaping mind". Quirky samples, for example, a Martin Luther speech in solid state, form a part of this epic journey. Itís like watching a tape with the imagery that the samples and sounds bring to mind, or a star trek in slow motion through an exotic part of space with anti gravity visuals and all the alien sounds effects to entertain us as we move along. But not all of the them are alien; there are drifting Middle Eastern vocals and instruments in Arab star which I interpret as thanking god for all his creations. Itís a melting pot of various genres mashed in downtempo gravy. The standout track here is Wonderland (T5). The hallmark of the sound here feels like a massive low- pitched bass guitar. It is layered with the varying sounds and volumes drawing attention to the shape and depth not just of the sounds themselves but to the space in between those sounds. Just awesome!

Recomendation:  I would safely recommend this album to all fans of psychedelic downtempo, as well as dub. It comes across as sort of experimental following the ethos with comprised the formation of the band but at the same time treads the known territory of ambient music. Enjoy the dubby vibes!

Review by : Exotic

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