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June 24 , 2019
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Waterjuice - Hydrophonics

 ( Vaporvent ,  Sep. 2001 )

1. Pandorasís Box 7:26 2. Purge 8:43 3. Highly Experimental 9:26 4. Captain Nemoís Secret Chamber 5:40 5. Vog 6:35 6. Glymph 6:33 7. Didjerigoo 7:31 8. Inversion Layer 7:46 9. Radio Free Vaporvent 5:44 10. 7:23

A real delicious surprise from San Francisco- a totally twisted refreshing freestyling psychedelia with a lot of feel and chill, showing that The US can do more than bomb. Since this CD arrived in my mailbox it has been working overtime. Waterjuice deliver a totally diverse and non-formulated journey through sounds and rhythms, and itís all very visual and very innovative. You have touches of everything here, and no doubt that a touch of genius as well.
It start with Parndorasís Box- tablas hard at work in a tribal twisted psychedelic and hypnotic piece of music. Then itís distortions and rougher times- purge yourself! Highly Experimental (T3) might not be that experimental, but it brings more tribal feel, and alien sunrise trancey sounds. Captain Nemoís Secret Chamber (T4) is one of my favorites here- just close your eyes and you see captain Nemo entering his secret chamber, closing the thick door with that submarineís wheel handle, hitting his secret stash sitting back and watching the weird see life 20,000 feet underwater through the little round window. Brilliant- one of the most visual track I heard. Vog (T5) has real chilled morning sounds, exactly what Iíd love to hear on my way out of a nature party back to my car. Glymph (T6) is funky tribal stuff with a bit of a spooky alien feel. And Didjerigoo (T7) is my favorite here so far- dramatic, bouncing between dark and light, full of twists, totally hypnotic and definitely sticky- beware!!! A real musical treat. Inversion Layer (T8) is an oriental funky track with a sampled Muslim prayer praising the strength of god. My least favorite here, but still nice. Radio Free Vaporvent is as weird as it can get- some dialog in Asian language, beautiful twisted melodic line that grabs you completely, great drive, and a lot of surprises- a real complex piece of art. I just wish it was longer. And it doesnít end here- you get a hidden bonus in the end, getting dubby, but in a real twisted way, with a lot of flying sounds all around- cute.

Recomendation:  Waterjuice- real liquid music, this stuff flows through your mind. Surprise CD of 2001. Do yourself a real favor and get it! And also a high score of that great cover from Naomi@vaporvent!
Favorites: 1-3, 4(!), 5, 7(!), 9(!).

Review by : Shahar

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