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June 26 , 2019
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Wind Up

 ( Nano ,  Jul. 2004 )

1. Talamasca- A Frenchman in Cape Town (chill cliff remix) (8:47) 2. Tristan & Allaby- Lateral Thinking (7:43) 3. AMD- Quantum Accelerator (8:05) 4. Shift- Machine Soul (8:04) 5. Tristan vs. The Electric Ant- Six Straight Days (ManMadeMan Remix) (7:15) 6. Joti Sidhu- Synthetic Telepathy (7:40) 7. Silver Surfers- MuDJaji (Protoculture Remix) (8:13) 8. Tikal- Audio Energizer (8:39) 9. Alternate Vision- Sliced (8:18)

One of the labels I enjoy the most today consistently is Nano Records from the UK. Their various artists' compilations are something I have come to appreciate since their start. Having said that, it is with high expectations that I review this particular assemblage… so let's begin.

1. A Frenchman in Cape Town by Talamasca (Chill Cliff Rmx) is the kick off here; this is a very slow developing progressive track with jungle elements that sound like this Frenchman got lost in the African jungle. It's a nice track although it reminds me little of the original work. An intro track by any means, I found it a bit lacking.
2. Lateral Thinking by Tristan and Allaby is one of the best tracks I have heard in a long time… it relies heavily on the sounds of Allaby, which I recognize from Tristan's Twisted Session Vol.1. The track's lines are so similar to "Spiritually Correct", usually I would frown on that, but they pull it off and since that track was never released, it a great substitute to insert to a pumping proggy set.
3. Quantum Accelerator by AMD is where this compilation takes off with a light yet driving bassline, clever percussion works and excellent games, long saw synths and trippy samples are used here. Not the typical full on clone.
4. Machine Soul by Shift is a track I did not connect to. I usually like Shift's work, but this track I thought he could do much better. A bit predictable and overused sounds in my opinion. A powerful track, but lacking in interest to my mind.
5. Six Straight Days Tristan Vs Electric Ant (ManMadeMan Rmx) – This track surprised me; I was thinking it would be a more progressive rhythm and atmosphere. Instead it still possesses all the energy of the original track. No serious changes here, an excellent remix and a highlight of this compilation. ManMadeMan seems to add just the right amount of chaos to an already genius track.
6. Synthetic Telepathy by Joti Sidhu – Is my favorite musical piece here. I think Joti hit the nail on the head with this one, everything is purely psychedelic… sort of in an old school funny yet deranged sort of sense. I adore the samples, the structure and the build. Joti is on the money, folks.
7. MuDJaji by Silver Surfers (Protoculture Rmx) – I don’t know the original, but this is a wonderful remix. Protoculture is marked by his groovy, feel-good type atmospheres and leads… dreamy, cruising and entertaining.
8. Audio Energizer by Tikal is another track that draws my attention. I was impressed by their debut album and this track has got the same clever games over the super jumpy bass lines. The breakdown of this track is really special, I can't remember where I heard that guitar before… but for sure it's not a track to miss.
9. Sliced By Alternate Vision Closing this compilation with a slower Logic Bomb type sounds and structure. Johan show's us his lighter side and giving a look into the upcoming album. A good closer to the journey.

Recomendation:  All in all this is a solid compilation, I recommend it. It fits me in many moods, whether I just want to hear one track for power or several tracks playing at my home stereo, this compilation does the trick. Nano has proved once again its reliability for quality psy, blending different genres, showing us that trance does not need be divided if the story is told correctly.

Favorite tracks:2!, 5, 6!!, 8

Review by : Gadi Vered

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