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March 4 , 2024
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Xerox & Freemen - Human Race

 ( HOMmega ,  Jul. 1998 )

1. Karina (remix 1998) 8:45 2. Bees (live mix) 9:48 3. Kayazulu 8:18 4. Gravity Waves (zombie remix) 8:51 5. Extra Hard Sounds 8:31 6. Virus Hunter 10:10 7. Impact Team 8:20 8. The Human Race 8:38

Actually only the last three tracks are written by Moshe & Doron. The rest of the album is other (sometime old) stuff they were involved in, remixed by them, or collaborations of Moshe Kenan with other artists. Still, it feels like one piece. This is dance time, no vacation here, Xerox & Freemen are here to work hard, and you are going to work with them.

Karina- a remix by Moshe & Doron to an old track by Moshe & Dave Saragosi (the original can be found on Glory Day Trance). This track and this remix are just great- amazing work! It starts with 2 or 3 psychedelic effects hanging around in the air. Then start a slow, slow, slow build up, well layered, and built in few levels, each goes higher then before, with a different music until, after the chanting, the final blow up, that will send you exploding around wherever you are. Then the track ends quietly, but only to prepare you for Bees- a real groovy track with great sounds, sound games and buildups. And then again, Bees slows down, easing thing up and you're waiting for the next track to appear, and then the music just explodes on your brain and body- amazing explosion- just great. The track was written by Moshe & DJ Lestat (Talamsca) & mixed by Doron. Kayazulu (track 3) is Moshe Kenan solo and features guitar by Itzik Levi (Sandman). Crazy psychedelic African groove. Near the end, chanting takes you to another (surprising? Not so much anymore) explosion, that nevertheless, works just the same. Gravity waves is written by Moshe and mixed by the duo. It features guitar by Itzik Benisti (Sonichaos, Maskalin). The track starts with a zipper and a diabolic laughter sample, very fast track with a lot of spooky sampling and an African feeling about it. That guitar line drove people crazy at parties. Extra Hard sounds (track 5) is written by Dedi Cohen (P.Cok) & Moshe- Amazing!!! The track has a 45-second nightmarish intro, and then it starts grinding you down, you'll find yourself digging holes in the ground with your heels. This is one heavy track! Can even be difficult at times, but it keeps the energy to drag you onwards with the music. Sheer madness. Track 6, Virus Hunter, is a massive track, a non-stop assault on your hearing and processing organs. You can hear the virus right in the beginning of the track and then the hunt begins. Impact Team (track 7) is a grinding, fuzzed, driving track, very repetitive and powerful. This is one of the best tracks on this CD. The Human race is a slow one to end it all and the sample goes: "What is it that makes the human so special? What is it that draws you to it?". A very psychedelic slow ending.

Recomendation:  This is the new Israeli voice of 1998, powerful, musical, melodic and driving. These guys work with the basics, but they know how to work with them! It's very diverse for an artist's album, but then again, it's two people who made this baby, and actually more then two, and you can feel that. Nevertheless, this is one masterpiece. This is music that came from the parties, a thing we're not use to anymore- and it feels that way. Beautiful, you gotta have this one- party time! My favorites: tracks 1,2,3,5&7.

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 3, 5, 7.

Review by : Shahar

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