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October 23 , 2018
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Yotopia - Connect the Dots

 ( Iboga ,  Mar. 2009 )

1. Spunk 7:28 2. Sheer Mayhen .9:02 3. Sleepless Hippies .8:14 4. Offset (extended mix) 7:29 5. Mr. Brotherman 8:02 6. Game On .7:00 7. In My Hands 9:14 8. Monitor .8:10 9. No Way Out 8:59

Iboga kitchen is releasing again one of its big specialties. The mania of balloon basslines and kicks, with following crackling elements and ups like sprays, didnít pass on this progressive trance band. This production revolution is spreading from project to project; however, artists are implementing things in their music in a different way. Yotopia is one of those projects that created something great out of those new waves. Not very minimal nor much away from the progressive style of trance associated with Yotopia in the past. They only mixed pretty and useful new elements and in an extraordinary professional way came close to presenting us with something new. I usually donít like it when an artist crosses over to another genre and without accumulating experience and recognition, tries to ďmake itĒ there. But this is not the case here. On this album, the music is very carefully classified. Itís like clubbish dialect of open air moments. The arrangement of the tracks is very well done so the listeners would enjoy the whole track and at the same time DJs could find it easy to use them. One thing DJs would have to pay attention to, is choosing what they mix with Yotopia. Itíll have to have extraordinary good production, because tracks from Yotopia's album simply explode with crystal clear production! I am truly satisfied with Ibogaís decision on releasing this album. The match of artist and label here is perfect.

Recomendation:  Basically I would recommend this album without choosing out any tracks as favorites, but my heart says, if anyone is interested, that Iíll start this album with track number 8- Monitor. Feel free to enjoy!!!

Review by : Lara

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