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June 26 , 2019
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Yuurei Tales

 ( Triplag ,  Apr. 2008 )

01 – Digital X – Hikiko Legend - 7:12 (150 BPM) 02 – Kasatka – Scary Frames – 7:28 (160 BPM) 03 – Brain Panik – Plastic Surgery - 8:32 (152 BPM) 04 – Ikpeng – Bad Feelings – 8:15 (157 BPM) 05 – Necropsycho Vs Hell Hazers – Yuu Rei Tales – 7:47 (153 BPM) 06 – Far East Ghost – Voices Of Spectral Lord – 6:38 (154 BPM) 07 – ZenMind – Samurai – 6:28 (156 BPM) 08 – Karmazon – Would You Like To Hear A Scary Tale – 5:00 (0 BPM) 09 – Aggressive Mood Vs Wi’][‘ch – Obscure Noises – 7:05 (156 BPM) 10 – Rawar – Samurai Freak – 7:04 (165 BPM) 11 – Kerberos – Travel To Hell – 7:33 (165 BPM)

Yuurei Tales is the fourth release of Triplag Records. The concept of this CD is Japan and its Samurai culture, or so it seems to what I have understood of it.
Let us hear the “way of the samurai” then:
The first track is an excellent opener. Hikiko Legend (T1) is produced by Alexis Manis a.k.a. Digital X, and he presents a track full of energy and dynamism. There are some interesting tricks on the percussive elements and the hit hats create a good rhythm that combined with the acid leads make, to me, a dance floor “monster”. The environment created by certain uplifting leads is very good. Favourite.
On the following track we have a rise up on the BPM´s, moving from 150 of the previous track to 160 on the present one! Kasatka, I believe, makes is debut with Scary Frames (T2). It is way to fast for my tastes, nevertheless it delivers some interesting leads, and I like the fact that, some leads develop in ascending or descending spirals.
Now we move into a collaboration track: Brain Panik with Plastic Surgery (T3). The persons behind this project are Andreh (Bash) and Mario (Darkshire). I know their work from sometime now and it is no secret I am a fan of their music, so I thought, when I saw their names on this CD:”What to expect from these to crazy brains making this track together?” – Well, madness, in the good sense of the word. They make an excellent track full of power with ripping leads, who are the main energizer of the tune and they never leave a moment to relax, always appearing sounds coming out of nowhere, and it has an awesome kick and bass “deadly” combo on the mixture. This is no music for the fainted heart. Favourite.
Ikpeng is a Brazilian artist who developed his peculiar sound. Bad feelings (T4), is a tune that runs into deeper atmospheres sounds, and wicked leads. The track keeps on the mood of the “destructive” humour of the CD, presenting a very lively track! The music is always banging and dozens of sounds keep on being assembled and delivered to you. It is always on the run this track, but once more it is way to fast to my speed limiter.
The following track was composed by Necropsycho and one of the compilers of the CD: Hell Hazers. Yuu Rei Tales (T5) is the track that gave name to the CD. Has soon has this track begins you immediately understand the direction the track follows: fast, banging, acid ripping leads with a little bit of a spicy atmosphere on the mixture. I must be honest, I like some parts of this track, I mean the smoother parts, where some interesting leads are developed, but on the most aggressive parts, I think, to my tastes, the tune turns a little bit overwhelming, and becomes somewhat confusing.
Now Far East Ghost brings Voices Of Spectral Noise (T6). We have on this music some deep and sometimes obscure line of sounds. The percussive elements are always trashing, and we have some “guitar on flames” samples introduced to the tune, which give a nice “burning” dance floor track attitude.
Carlos Filipe a.k.a. Zenmind is a Portuguese producer. Samurai (T7) begins with some Japanese samples and they are followed by a strong kick and bass combination. The track follows a line of sound very contained and not very explosive, in the first moments of the track. Slowly it goes developing into a greater dynamic, mainly with addition of acid leads. The dynamism of the tune lives very much from parts where it is full of energy and the parts where it slows down the “house”.
Diego Pontes is the person behind the Karmazon project. When I first saw his name I thought it would be a trance type tune, but he brought a chill out track to decompress a little. It isn’t very regular to have a chill out tune in the middle of a compilation, but sometimes it is nice to break routines. Would You Like To Hear A Scary Tale (T8), is a smooth track with some tenebrous moments, sometimes disturbing, sometimes with some guitar notes, and even some typical sounds of Japan. It makes a good decompresser on the middle of the CD.
Now comes a collaboration track: Aggressive Mood and Wi’">[‘ch bring Obscure Noises (T9). What can I say of this duet? Well I just love the combo! The leads are very appealing to the tripping side of music, and it has a nice danceable side to it. There are some intering tricks on the percussive elements with the leads always trashing. Favourite.
Samurai Freak (T10) is another track from a Portuguese producer presented on this compilation. The person behind the Rawar project is Hélder Amaral. Fast is the key word on this track, the BPM counter goes on ones impressive 165. The leads also were constructed having this in mind, they are speedy and swift. It isn’t my cup of tea, but if you like fast music this is definitely a track to have in consideration.
And so, we reach the final track of this compilation: Travel To Hell (T11) by Kerberos. And once more this is fast has hell! This one also goes on a BPM counter of 165. This one touches madness syndromes with aggressive leads, with a tasty of spooky sounds on the background and several works on the percussive elements creating a trashing feeling.
The mastering of the CD was made by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios.
The artwork was made by Cartoon Head.

Recomendation:  This fourth release of Triplag Records presents aggressive sonorities, fast music, spooky melodies but it is able to deliver varied feelings to the listener, ranging from the danceable side of psychedelic trance to the tripping experience side.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 9.

Review by : a3k

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