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June 25 , 2019
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Zero Cult - Dreams in Stereo

 ( Cosmicleaf ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Indigo Dream 8:02 2. Electro Wind 7:41 3. Cosmic Noise 6:49 4. Seclusion 7:27 5. Frozen 7:01 6. Once Upon a Time (remix for Side Liner) 7:28 7. Inside the Urban Ocean 6:41 8. Edelweiss 6:26 9. Walking on the Moon 7:22 10. Till the Morning 7:36

After two albums on Cosmicleaf Records (among the best releases of this label in my opinion) and numerous remixes for other chill projects, Zero Cult now releases his third album called Dreams in Stereo. The style of Zero Cult is best characterized as rhythmic, deep and with lots of melody. If you like synthesizer artists like Vangelis for instance, youíll like this too. Listeners of Zero Cultís previous albums who are looking for more stuff like this will feel right at home with tracks like Electro Wind (T2) and Seclusion (T4). There is a lot to like here if youíre into chill thatís a little busier. I found this album flowing away nicely, sometimes without even noticing that the track had changed. It makes the album feel like a whole, the little silences in between feel like part of the overall sound picture, and sometimes the tracks do flow over into one another, like Frozen (T5) and Once Upon A Time remix (T6). The album is best suited for home listening, right after some crazy psytrance for instance. The cover says this is a voyage through stereo images and space frequencies. One could imagine this when listening to it and closing oneís eyes. Itís what I did, and I loved every minute of this album. The cover artwork is very straightforward too, and a bit funny. The mastering is top notch, sounding crystal clear and with a nice full bass and not too much emphasis on the high, like some other chill releases.

Recomendation:  Dreams in Stereo is a great description for this album. If you listen to this and close your eyes (preferably with a good pair of headphones) then youíre in for a sonic treat. As I said, the previous two Zero Cult albums were among the best releases of Cosmicleaf Records, and this one is no exception. Together with the new D. Bastitatos album, Cosmicleaf hits us with two excellent releases.

Review by : Acidhive

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