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April 11 , 2021
: General News :
Why are we here?

We are here because of this:

We are here because this music changed our lives, it has also changed the lives of all others we know that opened their minds to it- and that change is good. We want all people to have a chance for that change- so we are spreading the message!

What is trance?

Trance music is as old as the human race, maybe even older, forms of it can be found in any culture, from the African tribes to the Vikings, from the Moroccan snake charmers to the Jewish Hasidim- it was always there. The beat was always there, engulfing human bodies and mind. Today it.s just coming back to us, using new tools, computers and electronics. In trance music there are no lyrics, you.re left with the music and your mind, mind and imagination- trance music is the background, the soundtrack to your own movie, and you can make of it whatever you want to- there are no limits!

A storm is coming, our storm, and when it arrives it will shake the universe- the second moon.
Phreaky- Second Moon

Trust in Trance!

Enjoy- The Isratrance Team!

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