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April 11 , 2021
: General News :

Trance music started evolving in the late 80's under three main influences: the first was the electronic new wave/industrial music of Front 242, Einstruze Neubatten, Killing Joke and the likes; the second was the electronic techno disco of Detroit; and the third was the psychedelic music of the seventies. The first step towards what we know nowadays as Trance or Goa Trance was done in 1988 with the introduction of the TB 303 sound into straight beat dance music, and the amazing effect it was found to perform over people dancing. This effect was further enhanced by the administration of a rediscovered drug called MDMA (or 3, 4 methylene-dioxy-methamphetamine) or as it was popularly labeled on the streets "Ecstasy" and so Acid music was born and brought upon the UK the summer of love.
Now let's jump a little bit backwards to the sixties and remind ourselves of a place called Goa in India. During the late sixties Goa has turned into a beach for freaks, rock stars, travelers, and various other excitement hunters, who lived by the ancient mantra of "sex, drugs and rock and roll". Although the fab of Goa has dropped by the late 80.s, a hard-core group of Europeans and Americans have remained in that place. By the early 90.s, people in Goa have found out the wonderful effect of the Acid music on a stoned head and started to further develop the style. Among the first people to do so were Goa Gil and his friends, who were living in Goa and experimenting with various musical styles to dance to since the late 60's. Parallel to that in Europe, some of the industrial/new wave musicians have started to take interest in the new sounds introduced by Acid music. They have banded them into their heavier electronic style using more dense sounds and heavier and faster rhythms these were the first steps of the new born child known as Goa Trance.
Now let us not forget that we are dealing here with Israel and Israeli Trance music so... Since the late 80.s Israelis have started going to India as part of a ritual that might be called .the post army trip.. In the early 90's they have started bringing back with them tapes of this new music which suited the Israeli state of mind very well. The music was highly emotional and very releasing which was just what the post army traumatic Israeli needed to release all the tensions built into them. Israel's first Trance artists were Har-el Prussky, DJ Miko (California Sunshine), Guy Sebbag, and of course Astral Projection (Avi Nissim, Lior Perlmutter and Yaniv Haviv), who were dealing with industrial music in the late eighties and picked up the wave when it was just starting. Not long after them, followed Eddie Mis, Witchcraft (Chakra and Sandman) & Art Indust. Since then, lots of Israelis went to India and came back and were naturally caught in the grip of the new music. The next breakthrough was made with the introduction of the recordable digital media (the DAT tape and the Mini Disc), as well as the drop in prices of digital studio equipment and the affordability of powerful home computers. Since Trance was 99% electronic, you could do songs or tracks as they are called without the heavy and expensive analogue audio equipment, such as: microphones, pre amps and mixers. You can do all the work at home, on your computer, with a good sampling software, a couple of synthesizers and a sequencer to control them all, and then distribute your works via DAT or MD. This has brought Trance music creation to almost every person who wished it, without the need to invest huge sums of money or seek the sponsoring of big record companies. This fact has made Trance into a true underground musical style, with an entrance ticket into that is very cheap.
In the the mid & end of the 90s more then a few musicians emerged from these home studios of theirs into the bigger and growing market of Trance music, such as (and since were dealing with Israeli Trance in this site will name only Israelis): Indoor, Xerox & Freeman, Power Source, Sandman, Shidapu , Infected Mushroom, Space Cat, Oforia, Mystica, and various other artists (see the artists database for a full list). These artists have pretty much defined what was labeled Israeli Trance music that is more melodic then most of the European stuff, even anthem like you could say, with very powerful beats and build-ups that hits you right on the top of your head. A whole culture has evolved in Israel around Trance music, very much parallel to what's going in Europe, Goa, and Australia. This culture professes peace, love and harmony with mother earth and with other human beings, and it includes clothing, psychedelic artwork, cinema, (the Israeli movie Karahana documenting a festival that took place in 1997 in the Huga Park, Psychedelic Zion). A big part of the culture includes elements of Hinduism/religion/Shamanism (since India is one of the motherlands of Trance), and an aspect of returning to the nature, harmony and New Age. All of that, without blocking technological progress, all together a lifestyle that is called in Israeli slang Karahana.
Through the 90s an interesting phenomenon has occurred, the scene was driven even more underground by the authorities (mainly the police) that have connected the music and the lifestyle with drug use. Parties were raided by police looking for drugs, people were beaten, equipment confiscated, organizers and DJs arrested, festivals weren't granted security and fire regulation approvals and were canceled only hours before the start with huge losses to the organizers. And yet, the music was gaining even more popularity with the people. One reason was a group of musicians, led by Eyal Barkan and Holymen, that have been developing their own sub-genre of Trance, consisting of easy melodies, very powerful rhythms and overall simple and communicative sounds that have brought Trance music almost to every doorstep in Israel. As a reaction to the explicit violation of human rights by the Israeli authorities, a big demonstration took a place on Rabin square in Tel Aviv in 1998, with the best of the Israeli musicians performing live in front of an audience of more than 30,000 people partying. But unfortunately until now the authorities are still not willing to try and understand the new culture growing under their noses. The case has been compared with The Beatles incident in 1963, when the famous group was denied entrance to Israel on account that they will corrupt the youth. But as always in the end the right will win over the wrong. The new Millennium font class=info> has seen few new developments in Israeli trance. Trance has become more and more popular and entered almost every popular club in Israel. Teenagers grow up on trance music and in a sense the authorities gave up on trying to choke the music, instead they try to tame it and keep it in clubs, still harassing nature parties to the best they can. Trance artists even reached the awareness of mainstream Israeli music, topping with the collaboration between Infected Mushroom & top Israeli rocker Berri Saharof (Birthday CDS). With the popularity came commercialization with people becoming or staying part of the culture only to try to make money on it. All the same underground vibe parties still happen all the time carrying the spirit of what trance begun with.
Musically, there were also some changes. First the more European progressive sound became more popular with Scandinavian and other European artists coming regularly to play in Israel. This also influenced Israeli artists and there.s a multitude of artists producing more progressive sounds, like BLT & Cosma, and even a strong little tech-trance movement (Triac, PPS Project, Hujaboy, and more). All the same Full On music, especially Israeli is having a big revival with new Israeli artists like Skazi, Astrix and others touring across the globe together with the veterans and playing in parties and festivals globally.

Ohm Nama Shivaya brothers and sisters!

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