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June 19 , 2024
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Beat Hackers

Beat Hackers are Micky Bivas and Guy Peled from Beer Sheva, Israel. They met 2 years ago at a party and made their first track together. Guy has been making music for 2 years (with Cobweb) and Micky is into it since his early school days. They used to be a progressive act but have been drawn to full on, and success followed. They already played in few places around the world (Brazil, Japan) and many times in Israel.
They have released their debut album- System Error- through USTA in Nov. 2003.

They also released on compilations so far are: Beat Hackers- Smoke (USTA mix by DJ Zoo-B), Beat Hackers- Piece of Art (USTA mix by DJ Zoo-B), Beat Backers- Brain Function (Memory Flash), Beat Hackers- Crack (Exodus), Beat Hackers- Game Over (Zoo-B 2), Beat Hackers- Psy Pad (Zoo-B 2), Alien Project- D.J. Where Are You? (Beat Hackers remix) (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel part 2), Beat Hackers- Hidro (Shoot it Out), Beat Hackers & Melicia- Smash (Shoot it Out), Beat Hackers- Rise Up (AI part I), Beat Hackers- Audio Pool (Spiritual Moves 5), Beat Hackers- Transpose (Agni Hotra), Beat Hackers- Overload (AI- part II), Beat Hackers-Stolen (The Next Generation), Beat Hackers- System Error (Psytekk remix) (Psytekk- Good Purpose), PsyCraft & Beat Hackers- Beat Craft (PsyCraft- New Moves).

Mackie 24/4
Behringer 32/8

Gina 24/96
Midiman Midisport 4/4
Mic Mc-150 Dynamic

Tannoy Reveal
Event 20/20
Samson Servo-260 Amplifier

Nord Lead 1
Nord Modular Virtual
Access Virus Indigo
Novation BassStation
Yamaha DX-21
Art-Fxr Elite
Zoom Guitar Fx

Orbit V-2
Akai Arpeggiator

AMD 800 mhz
G4 400 mhz
Intel 2800 mhz

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