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February 25 , 2024
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 ( Shaffel ,  2001 )

1. Wizzy Noise- Acid Level 33 140bpm 8:06 2. Lemurians- Fieating and Moving 141bpm 7:09 3. Xenomorph- Sociopath 142bpm 7:25 4. Shiva & Skazi- By the Rivers... 142bpm 6:40 5. Sx- Cost Me 142bpm 6:49 6. Skazi- GTR 145bpm 7:38 7. Exaile- Tied Up 145bpm 7:55 8. Absolum- Pulse 146bpm 7:09 9. Talamasca- Thief 144bpm 8:16

Shaffel with their first compilation follow the line that started with Skazi's first album, full on, in your face, and no remorse. If that's what you like you won't be disappointed. For me personally 9 tracks like this in a row is a little to intensive an experience. I rather cut it in half. Wizzy Noise start with nice groove and beautiful percussion work that turn into a beautiful full on melodic stormer with a real Goa feel and a lot of emotions. The Lemurians follow with a Tigerish track- you gotta here to understand- all based on rhythm and scratches with a long dancing speech that gets annoying at times. Xenomorph's Sociopath (T3) continues dark, scary and scratchy as to be expected. It's Skazi time now- first he hosts Jorg with By the Rivers... (T4) that appeared on SST vinyl- this is Skazi doing his thing, hard and heavy metal trance with a lot of scratching to your brain. Next it's SX- Skazi & Exaile- with a more open track that eases the mind a little (but just a little), nice rhythms and the horns are working hard. Then it's Skazi again (T6), this time on his own, with his relentless thumping kick and base, nice changing rhythms, and as the name suggest, the unavoidable power guitars. As full on and metallic as trance can be. Exaile with Tied Up (T7) that is one of the hits here, starting in a mysterious spooky atmosphere and exploding into a full on scratchy melodic karahana. A lot of talent here to follow for the future. Follows a scratchy Absolum assault @146bpm. Can be a bit too much, but the break is irresistible. Talamasca, the second 3D Vision representative, with a typical Talamsca track, but definitely not one of his best, closes things.

Recomendation:  For dancefloor chaos.

Review by : Shahar

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