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February 25 , 2024
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The Next Generation- compiled by Dynamic

 ( Phonokol / T.I.T. ,  Feb. 2004 )


1. Beat Hackers- Stolen 7:38 2. GMS & Poli- Universal 6:17 3. Psydrop- Zone X (natural mix) 8:04 4. Eskimo- The Popcorn 9:33 5. Protoculture- Peekaboo 7:18 6. Star-X- Restart 7:17 7. Alien Project- Maia 7:19 8. Z Machine- Floating 8:08 9. Dynamic- Dynamic remix 7:06 10. Dynamo- Spun Dry 6:37

The Next Generation is Phonokol's new concept series of compilations, showing the favorite music of one of their artists. This time it's Dynamic who do the selection. There has been a confusion with the track list, if you are among the people who got the first batch from the pressing plant. The above list is the correct list as issued by Phonokol, and not the one printed on the sleeve.

They choose to open the compilation with Stolen, by Beat Hackers. Nothing impressive here in my opinion, not the best by the guys, I've heard much better from them. The track itself is quite boring, sound selection can be better. The only thing I liked is the gated choir part. Next comes a collaboration of GMS and Poli, one of the DJ's from Spun Records. Even though I'm not that fond of the GMS style, I find this track quite good. It's groovy, psychedelic, has a great flow and can do wonders to a dancefloor. The third track is the natural remix to Psydrop's Zone X. I didn't hear the original, if it exists, but I can definitely say that "natural" is very suitable to describe this track. This track is a very uplifting melodic track filled with positive energies. Helped to cheer me up a few times lately :). Be prepared to laugh when you get to the fourth track. Eskimo "remixes" the old Popcorn melody and turns it into an amusing piece of full on music. Unfortunately, this is the only good thing I can say about the track. It just sounds unfinished- more work on this track could have made it a real stormer. Protoculture provides us with the fifth track, Peekaboo. I was very impressed by his album, and was quite curious to hear this one. What can I say, it's Protoculture, showing us his exquisite melodic work. Star-X's Restart is also one of my favorites on this CD. Beautiful atmospheric and melodic work, Star-X style. Maia by Alien Project is probably the weakest track in this compilation in my opinion. Nothing special here, nothing that we haven't heard from him before. Floating is a great track by Z Machine, a newcomer on this compilation. Great lead sounds and melodies, nice flow. The only thing that bothered me is the really cheesy "Floating" sample, which could have been left out. Almost near the end and we get to hear a remix of Dynamix. This one is much better than the original. Happier and has a lot more vibes than the original track released on their album. Closing the compilation is a collaboration between Dynamic and Eskimo under the name Dynamo. It starts a bit weak, but then gets better towards the end, finishing the album with a good taste, even though a bit sudden.

Recomendation:  It has good tracks, it has bad tracks. If you are into this style, this would be a good value for your money.
My favorites: 3(!), 5, 6, 8, 9.

Review by : Mike A

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