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June 19 , 2024
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Echotek is Micha Yossef (born 1975) from Israel. He started making music in 1990 as a member of a gothic rock band called Substance for God, which released an album in BNE in 1993. This was also the year the band broke and each went on his own way. Micha got into the trance scene and discovered the DJing world. He was DJing in Israel and overseas since 1995. Along the way he started making some chill out stuff in his home and in early 2001 he started producing some techno-trance tunes for his sets, and then joined the unlimited music road. He compiled for MDMA the compilations: Under Construction 1& 2, Plug In, Malfunction, and the second part of The Abyss. Hes now compiling a compilation for Spiral Trax in Sweden.

So far here released: Echotek- Offline (Joker Files vol. 2, Psi Trance Explosion vol. 2), Echotek- Zdetz (Under Construction 2), Echotek- SP Vdev (Plug In), Echotek- Memory Flash (Memory Flash), Echotek- Cakes and Pieces (Analyzed), Echotek- Somophonic (Sola Sonorum), Echotek- Duel (Motion Generator), Echologic- Evolution Command (Echoes).
In cooperation with others he released: Groove Manipulation- DimDuMim (Joker Files vol. 2, with DJ Dede), Building Peaks- Sid & Jin (Under Construction 2, with Tamir of Atomic Pulse).
He also cooperates with Michel Biton (Safi Connection) as Neo Logic and few releases are due soon in SST and other labels.
As Echotek a lot more releases are on the way soon through Iboga, SST and Flow, and his debut album is due on Flow records in the beginning of 2003.

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