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May 19 , 2024
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Safi Connection

Safi Connection is Mishel Bitton, born 1976. Mishel first started making music back in 1997, when he released an album under the name Sonichaos together with Itzik Benisti (Cosmic Navigator, Maskalin). The album- Technologica was released in 1998 through Planet Music. Apart from that they released the following the tracks Hayo Haya & Feel of Guitar (Over the Sunrise, BNE). Michel then started DJing a lot in Israel and overseas.

Later on Mishel teamed with Avi peled to start Todra. They released one album- The Figure of Sound- and an EP sampler of it through Krembo in 1988. Michel also compiled the Trance Generations for Planet Music the same year with 3 Todra tracks: Todra- Alien Landing, Todra- Spiritual Ceremony & Todra feat. DJ Shay- Morrison. Another track on Trance Generations was written by Michel and Avi under the name Atomic Lens- The Flair. Mishel released two more tracks under that name together with Miki Litvak (ex- Shidapu) on Filterd Reality from USTA: Atomic Lens & Mufleta.

In 2001 Mishel started to work as Safi Connection along with Tamir Ozana (Atomic Pulse). They released an album in 2002- Prince of Paranoia through Spectrum. Since then Mishel and Tamir decided to go each on his own way, and so Mishel kept working as Safi Connection on his own. As Safi Connection he released the Adrenochrome EP (Spirit Zone).

More Safi Connection tracks can be found on different compilations:
Safi Connection- Sleepless (Plug In), Safi Connection- Monster DNA (rmx) (Analyzed, Atomic Pulse- The Safi Collection), Safi Connection & DJ Miko- Abunai (Adrenalin- take 2), X-Wave and Safi Connection- X.D (X-Wave), X-Wave and Safi Connection- Stop D Violence (X-Wave), Safi Connection- Schizo (Sola Sonorum), Safi Connection- Beyond Your World (Inca:Nations), Safi Connection- Adrenochrome (Spirit Zone- The Singles).

Apart from Safi Connection Mishel also collaborates with Micha Yossef (Echotek) as Neo Logic and Central Nerve.

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