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February 25 , 2024
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 ( MDMA ,  Feb. 2001 )

1. Fuzzion- Fuzzball 8:10 2. P.R.E.X- Malfunction 8:47 3. Soma Coma- Soma Coma 8:15 4. Skazi- Are You Still There? 6:47 5. GMS vs. Earthling- Cheese Balls 6:28 6. Mental Orange vs. Lominous- No More Nightmares 7:43 7. Skazi- Animal 7:04 8. Delirium- Full Moon 8:06

MDMA goes recycling with the formula of half MDMA tracks and half MDMA partners tracks, known from the two Spiritual Moves compilations, but there's much more quality here. Two unreleased tracks are in the package as well, and from some heavy artillery- the promising Russian duo Fuzzion, and Mr. Seb Shakta Taylor as Soma Coma.

It starts with Fuzzion that caught everybody's attention with Brown Eyed Girl on Under Construction. Fuzzball is a very minimal track, and it is so minimal that it makes you wander what's the point, that is, until the hi-hats entrance... great opener! My favorite track here. Malfunction is a nice track (PREX are S-Range & Noma, for those unaware), and obviously a favorite with MDMA (they named this compilation after the track and it was released on both Under Construction and Spiritual Moves 2), but it is already overused for me. Soma Coma (T3) is old style stuff with the break and build up, but very noisy and scratchy, a bit too packed for me, and the build up doesn't melt well with the rest of the track. Not Seb's best work, to say the least. Then it's Skazi time with a track from Animal- I found Skazi's album to be too much, but as individual tracks their stuff rocks and it sounds much better in a compilation. Are You Still There (T4) wouldn't be my choice as one of the best tracks from the album, though. It is a massive pooftzik pooftzik track with heavy and aggressive energies and crunchy scratchy sliding sounds- heavy metal trance. The move to GMS and an amigo with Cheese Balls (T5, originally on Future Navigators II) is smooth. They give us a short happy psychedelic tune, very full on, straight to the point. Nothing special, but still works on the floor (not so much at home though). Mental Orange and Lominous go with the flow with a track released originally on Agitato's Analog Reflections. A full on heavy scratchy tune, relentless and merciless. To keep things going we get Animal (T7), another fast full on track, and one more Skazi dancefloor mayhem recipe. Delirium (also from Analog Reflections) is another new generation Israeli artist that shows talent, Full Moon is a groovy crunchy track with flying sounds games and a catchy bounce. This track definitely deserved the extra exposure.

Recomendation:  A well built party hits compilation starting minimal and climbing fast to banging full on psytrance. For those that don't have most of these tracks already, this is a very good buy for your boom boom section.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 5, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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