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June 19 , 2024
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Exaile are Nir Sobol & Eyal Zur. They both arrived into making trance from a totally different direction. Eyal learned to play the piano from the age of 10, he then played guitar in a trash metal band. He also graduated from Rimon music school, Israel's top. Nir also used to play guitar, he studies sound and production in Yoav Gera school in Tel-Aviv. He was playing also guitar in a metal, and then moved to electronic music, but although he used to go regularly to parties, didn't get too deep into trance music. They've been making electronic music together for 6 years. The first four years as a band with a singer trying to fuse rock and electronic music. Two years ago, after they met Skazi and things clicked they started to get more involved and make trance music. Exaile had already been playing live all around the world, using guitar and drum machines in their live sets.

They released their debut album- In Panic- through Shaffel in December 2002.
On compilation they released: Exaile- Tied Up (Zoo, Interact, Bass Monster, Yellow Sunshine Explosion vol. 2), Exaile- Panik (Force), Exaile- The Low (Mammon- The Dark Star), Exaile- Knock it Off (Zoo 2), Exaile- Barbaric Moves (DJ Skazi- ??????), Exaile- Radio Edit (Tweakers), Exaile- I Want Freedom (Monarchie IV), Omi and Exaile- Going Commercial (Moonkeys), Exaile- Experience (Mental Case).

Together with Skazi they released: SX- Cost Me (Zoo), SX- Herpes (Zoo 2) and Skazi vs. Exaile- Rambatsamba (Psycho Laboratory) & Mafia- Pitufin (DJ Skazi- ??????).

They are currently working on their second album expected to be released soon on Chemical Crew. They are also working on another project together with Omi.

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