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July 14 , 2024
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Exaile - In Panic

 ( Shaffel ,  Dec. 2002 )

1. Intro 1:17 2. Suzzy Surprise 140bpm 8:05 3. Tunnel 140bpm 8:02 4. Connection 142bpm 8:38 5. The Mad Midget 142bpm 8:41 6. Tied Up (rmx) 145bpm 7:31 7. Miss Justin 144bpm 7:20 8. X-Ailes 145bpm 7:16 9. Give A Head 143bpm 7:49 10. Then Hours Out 138bpm 7:30

Nir Sobol and Eyal Zur are Exaile, the new name from the Shaffel secret dance-till-you-drop laboratories. Exaile present an excellent surprise showing that full on explosive dance music can be interesting and mind challenging, and that a totally dancefloor oriented collection of tracks can really be an album. They also bring for the first time truly, the unavoidable merge of full on and tech-trance. All of course in a well-executed production work.
Through the mysterious intro we're sucked into the technoish feel of Suzzy Surprise, an excellent grabby groovy track with dark psychedelic effects. Through a dark techy Tunnel (T3) we're delivered to Connection which start warming things up a little with a delicious weird bounce and some guitar work. The Mad Midget (T5) is already in the full on karahana realm, a happy explosive dramatic track with penetrating scratching effects. The remix to Tied Up, their first release and big hit is totally in the explosive melodic side of the spectrum, a sure dancefloor hit. Miss Justin (T7) is shaking her ass wildly in my favorite here, with an immaculate break and enter that will crush any dancefloor. X-Ailes lowers things down a bit, but still with a strong enough second part with sweeping guitar slashes. Give A Head (T9) goes back to tech-trancey realm with dark gothic and mechanic feel right from the start- scary stuff- a real massive assault here. Ten Hours Out goes on in the same atmosphere ending the album with a slow dark grinding machine with a crushing kick bass combination that will leave you running for the nearest chill out CD.

Recomendation:  A warm surprise from Exaile, an excellent album packed with floor sweepers on a wide spectrum from technoish stompers to melodic stormers. Full power dance music. Highly recommended.

Review by : Shahar

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