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April 21 , 2024
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Indoor started when three young Israelis met around 1994- Avi Algarnati (DNA,Warp, Space Cat), Ofer Dikovsky (Tandu, Oforia, Pigs in Space) and Marko Goren (Tandu), and together decided to start their own studio and rehearsals room (OMA) and rent it to different artists.
One day, Marko came back from his first trance party with a tape and played the other two the music- it was love at first listen. The guys decided to start making trance music and made two tracks. They sent the stuff to record companies and NMC decided to release an album for them- that is how Indoor was born. Their CD- Progressive Trance, was released in 1995 and became a trance classic, today it's still sounds fresh, powerful and innovative and every track in this CD is a masterly piece of art. Most of the tracks became party hits and found their way to various compilations around the world: Indoor- Shiva (Cybertrance 3, Goa-Tel-Aviv, Retro), Indoor- Camel (Tantrance 2, Goa-Tel-Aviv), Indoor- The Key (Pulse 1, Goa-Tel-Aviv), Indoor- Vertigo (Hypnotic Trance vol. 3, Goa-Tel-Aviv), The Key and Vertigo were also released on 12" in Full Moon Records. After the success of the CD around the world, the guys decided to leave the studio for their own use, making it a trance studio full of electronic equipment.
They also started playing in parties in Israel and around the world. They teamed up with Dino Psaras, who helped them abroad. Together with Dino they released (as Phreaky) some classic tracks that left strong marks on the trance scene and made it to a lot of compilations: Paranormal Activity (A Voyage Into Trance, Tan Trance 2), Tornado (Order Odonata- Experiments That Identify Change, Distance to Goa 4, Dragonfly Classix), Over The Moon (with Steve Ronan- Order Odonata- Technical Use of Sound in Magick, Trancentral 5, Goa Head 2), Bodynamique (Pulse- this is psychedelic trance, Second Moon (DNA- Virtual Jungle, Pulse 6, Retro). Tornado even made it to the British chart. In 1999 Ofer, Avi & Dino met again to release under the name Phreaky a new track- Techno Prisoners (Elecrosect).
They also released tracks under the name Inscape: Nothing like a good Friend (TIP Blue Compilation), Sedom (The Truth of Communication- Matsuri) and Atlantis (Balagan- Symbiosis). And one track with Tsuyoshi Suzuki- The Earth (Prana- Cyclone). Four more tracks were released under the name Sound Pollution in Trance Mix 6 (Meldodia): High Times (with Dino), Euphoria, Double Click & Where (Double Click was also released as Indoor- Double Click in a compilation called Psychedelic Goa Trance).
Finally things started to break up (as they usually do) and the guys went their own ways: Avi started to work as DNA, while Ofer and Marko formed Tandu and released Multimoods, then Marko left the trance music scene (though he's still making music), Avi is working as Space Cat, and Ofer continued as Oforia and Pigs in Space.

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