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February 25 , 2024
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Goa - Tel Aviv

 ( NMC ,  1997 )

CD 1 1. In Trance- Over Seas 8:16 2. Indoor- Vertigo 7:13 3. Oforia- Dimensional Exploration 7:20 4. Adrenalinn drum- Desert Fly 9:07 5. In Trance- Kashmir 6:48 6. Indoor- Camel 8:02 7. Adrenalinn drum- God Mountain 9:22 CD 2 1. Indoor- The Key 8:29 2. Adrenalinn drum- Behind the Hills 7:21 3. Indoor- Shiva 9:55 4. In Trance- Sorceress Fete 6:45 5. P.Cok- J.P. 6:57 6. Amir Dagan- Silver Angel 7:09 7. Guy Sebbag- Reality Values 10:16

The cover says: "14 Mindblowing Goa Trance Tracks! A compilation of Classic & New Recordings". This time the cover says the truth. DJ Guy Sebbag compiled here some of the classics of Israeli trance, the real classics, with some new stuff (then). The classics meaning four Indoor tracks from their amazing "Progressive Trance" album, and three tracks from In Trance (Guy Sebbag himself with Gal Carmy). This is from the time when NMC were leading the trance revolution here in Israel, which meant also in the world. Since then not a lot came from their direction except this compilation and TNTrance which has only 2 Israeli track. This is regrettable and we can only hope NMC will change their ways and go back to putting forth good releases. And about this one, the Indoor and In Trance tracks seem to be like wine, they just get better as years go by - this is not the place to review these tracks. Ofer Dikovsky (as Oforia here, don't know what's with the double 'f') gives his usual stuff. Har-el does his thing with 3 tracks, all taken from his very rare CD, Adrenalinn Drum- X-Perimental Goa: Track 4 (CD1) is slow but jumpy, with breathing samples and that slow drive that I find typical in his stuff ; Track 7 (CD1) is very repetitive with a bit of a housey sound, but a good driving psychedelic track, though maybe a bit too long ; Track 2 (CD2) starts with a computerized spacey sound that comes back every once in a while. It's a great track by Har-el, which reminds me of New Pagan Moon, just a bit faster- beautiful atmospheric track. P. Cok's track is full on, melodic, morning track, quite different from the stuff they're doing these days, but still great. It's melody based and the melodies are just beautiful and you have this bubbling sound in the background all the time. Great track. Amir Dagan (a.k.a., ClockWork) has a nice track, though it didn't blow me of my feet, spooky feeling all along the track with mystery sounds and a nice melody on top of it. Guy Sebbag ends this compilation with his own track, a slower, less intensive, track to say farewell. A bit ambienty but also with a groovy drum'n'bassy rhythm. And you have this great Indian chanting of Indian god names and some psychedelic effects. Beautiful track!!!

Recomendation:  If you don't have the Indoor, In Trance and Adrenalinn Drum CDs (which are pretty hard to get) then run and get this one. If you do, then it's for collectors or people that don't mind spending money. This is classical Israeli Goa sound, very different from today's releases. It is a very good compilation for itself, fun to listen to and guy sebbag is great with arranging the tracks in just the perfect way, music wise and atmosphere wise.

Favorite tracks:CD1: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6. CD2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7.

Review by : Shahar

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