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June 19 , 2024
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Space Cat

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Avi Algarnati was born in Bat-Yam. He was born into music, as his father and uncle where members of "Ha'aryot" (an Israeli 60's group that sang in English and even made it to the charts in England). By the age of 12, Avi was learning to play the piano, and then came the small personal computer, and when he discovered you can make a keyboard and a computer work together things started to move along. Slowly Avi upgraded his equipment while DJing in clubs in Tel-Aviv, and doing playbacks for different bands.

When he was 21, he met Ofer Dikovsky and Marko Goren, and together they started their studio and rehearsals room (OMA) and rented it to use of different artists. One day, Marko came back from his first trance party with a tape and played the other two the music- it was love at first listen. The guys decided to start making trance music and made two tracks, and then followed the success of Indoor and Phreaky. Finally things started to break up (as they usually do) and the guys went their own ways: Avi started to work as DNA, while Ofer and Marko formed Tandu and released Multimoods, then Marko left the trance music scene (though he's still making music) and Ofer continued as Oforia and Pigs in Space.

After that Avi has released two albums: the first as DNA- Virtual Jungle (Phonokol, 1997), and the second as Space Cat- Beam Me Up (BNE/Dragonfly, 1999), where he hosts the cream of trance artists: Dino Psaras (Cydonia, Phreaky), Joti Sidhu (Psychaos), Max Lanfranconi (Etnica, Pleiadians), Ofer Dikovsky (Oforia, Pigs in Space), Nick Smith (Semsis), Riktam (GMS), Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe), Simon Posford & Jacob Biton (Spiral Active), Dado (Transwave, Deedrah), Christoff (Transwave), ), Erez Eizen & Amit Duvdevani (Infected Mushroom) & Kristian Thinning (Elysium). Recently he released his third album- Shapes of Sound (BNE).

Along the way Avi released alone and together with others a lot of other tracks on numerous compilations:

DNA- Cosmic Radiation (Trance Mix 7), Tripsters (with Dino Psaras, Steve Ronan)- Skitzophrenik (Order Odonata- Technical Use of Sound in Magick), Inner Reflextions (with Bansi)- Inner Reflextions (Destination Israel), Warp- Spacer (Trance Mix 8), Tripster (with Dino Psaras)- Tango Electro (UFS), Cat on Musroom (with Infected Mushroom)- The Fly (Psychotropic), Space Cat vs. Tim Shuldt- Something Weird (Goa Head 8, Medium Goodfellas, Psyfactor), Space Cat- Kreak (Tan Trance 7), Space Cat (with Oforia)- New Horizon (Destination Goa 8, Space Mantra), DJ Miko & Space Cat- Vision (California Sunshine- Flying Eye Land, Analog Reflections), Space Cat- Deep Rising (UFS2), Space Cat- Space Cats (remix) (Future Navigators 2), Space Cat- Snorkel Blaster (with Riktam & Raja Ram) (Divi-nations), Space Cat & Elysium- Liquid Dub Connection (Life Is...), Space Cat- SpaceCake (Reborn), Talamasca And Space Cat- Armageddon (Program Change), Space Cat vs. Talamasca - Z Trancepose (Genetic Process), Space Cat- Power Up (UFS3), Space Cat- Power Up (PsyCraft remix) (Full On 6), Space Cat- Power Up (Oforia remix) (Goa Head 16, Incar:nations), Space Cat- Solid Energy (Goa 2), Space Cat- Energizer (Lucid Dreams).

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