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June 19 , 2024
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Point are Nadav Bonen (born 1975 in Hadera) and Eran Ben Gaon (born 1972 in a small village near Jerusalem).

Nadav (nicknamed Bonen for his last name) got back to Israel in 1998, after spending two years in the Far East. When he returned, he started to play in various underground nature parties, until he became a resident of Oma Coma (an Israeli party organization group).
Nadav graduated from Tel Aviv University with an engineering degree. However, he decided to turn his passion for music into a career and make music professionally.
Nadav is also a member of X-Noize, together with Barak Argaman and Amos Turin.

Eran got back to Israel in 1996, after spending two years in the USA and South America. Around that time he discovered trance music. In 1999 he started DJing in various nature parties, like Bonen has. Only a year later he decided to start building a studio and study sound engineering.

The Point project started, ironically, when Bonen’s flat mate got totally sick of Trance music, so Bonen couldn’t make music at his apartment. Luckily, his good friend Eran was also making music, and it was decided to join forces and equipment and start the Point project.

Both Bonen and Eran have been listening to electronic music since they were teenagers. Their favorites are: Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Front 242, Nine Inch Nails, Underworld, Leftfield, Bomb the Bass and Bjork.

As for Trance music influences, they mention Cosma, Eskimo, and all the artists from Hommega.

After a short period of fooling around in the studio, Bonen met Junya (better known as Eskimo, a young artist from England) in one of the Oma Coma parties he was playing at as a resident DJ. Junya visited their studio and the result was “The Scorpion”, the first track on Eskimo’s debut album.

Their debut album: Do You Believe? Is going to be released soon on Phantasm Records, an English label owned by John Ford, Junya’s father.

Other releases:
Eskimo & Point – The Scorpion (Eskimo - Can You Pick Me Up?, Psychedelic Summer)
Point - Blank Range (Next Generations)
Astrix & Point – Solaris (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel part2).

Pentium 4 PC computer.

Pulsar Sound Card.

Tannoy System 800A monitors.

Phonic Amplifier.

Virus B Synth.

Waldorf Q keyboard Synth.
EMU Ultra 6400 Sampler.

Yamaha DX21keyboard Synth.

Spirit SoundCraft 16/2 mixer.

Cubase SX (with VST plug-ins)




Bonen's email: bonen_point@hotmail.com
Eran's email: eran_point@walla.co.il
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