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February 25 , 2024
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Nu-Clear Visions of Israel part2- compiled by Alien Project

 ( TIP World ,  Sep. 2003 )

1. Oforia- Rolling Stoned 8:25 2. Astrix- Solaris 7:15 3. Space Cat- Metalizer 7:34 4. Delirious- Analog Booster 8:13 5. Alien Project- D.J. Where Are You? (Beat Hackers remix) 7:56 6. Panick- Freud it Out 7:32 7. Melicia- Grip 7:30 8. Alien Project vs. Dynamic- Alien Life 7:04 9. Cosma- People on Hold 8:04

TIP World is releasing the second part of their Israeli full-on compilation series, and this time Ari Linker is the compiler. If you'll ignore the terrible cover art, and listen to the music without prejudging- you'll find quite a nice compilation.

Oforia is the one to open the party with Rolling Stoned. One of the good things I can say about him- he never loses his unique style. Metallic sounds, and typical Oforia melodies are the ones which make this track a stormer. Astrix is next with Solaris, a track which seems to have been left out from his album for some reasons. If you liked his album- this one is for you. Space Cat is back after disappearing for some time, and this time he has guitars in stock. The track itself is well built, very nice melodies, which sound quite original these days. Delirious are next with Analog Booster. This track is for night time digging, with a very refreshing build up in the end. At the fifth track, Beat Hackers find the DJ which Alien Project lost. This track is pure mayhem on the dancefloor. I managed to find some minor production mistakes, but this doesn't make the track any less killer. Panick is here to lower the bpm rates a bit and deliver a well built track, intelligent percussion and mind games, something which this CD generally lacks. Melicia gives life to the old school Goa sound with Grip. This track is well produced, and a variety of sounds is wisely used. Alien Project versus Dynamic is next- and Alien Life is the result. Not a favorite of mine, but it does the job on the floor. Closing the compilation is the instant classic by Cosma - People on Hold- and those of you who do not know this track, you're missing an experience.

Recomendation:  This one is for listeners and DJ's alike - a varied compilation of hits, and covers many different styles. This is one of the best "hits" CDs I've heard in a while. It has my vote!
My favorites: all, but 6, 7 & 9 stand out.

Review by : Mike A

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