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June 19 , 2024
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Astrix is Avi Shmailov (born 1981) from Israel. He started making trance Nitzhonot style as a teenager and collaborated mainly with the Barkan brothers. He then changed directions and was newly discovered when he collaborated with Alien Project on his debut album- Midnight Sun, released in 2001 (Phonokol). Since then he released quite a few tracks with Alien Project, with Atomic Pulse, with others and on his own. He produced some major hits and swept the trance skies like a comet in 2002. Astrix has already played and performed live in almost any possible corner of the world.
His first album- Eye to Eye- was released in November 2002 through Hommega and was a major success. In June 2003 he released a compilation he compiled- Nu-Clear Visions of Israel- through TIP World.

Among the tracks he released so far are: Astrix- Prototype (Janana), Reverse Psychology & Astrix- Karahana 2 (Karahana), Astrix- No Gravity (Spectronix), Astrix- Thunder (Burnt Out), Reverse Psychology & Astrix- Yala Balagan (Baraka), Reverse Psychology & Astrix- No Fight (Baraka), Reverse Psychology & Astrix- Misra Malok remix (Baraka), Reverse Psychology & Astrix- Pure DMT (Baraka), Astrix- Astrix (Excalibur), Astrix- In peace (Ptzatzot 3), Astrix- Eakis world (Ptzatzot 3), Astrix- African Sun (Shiva Space Technology Israel 4), Reverse Psychology & Astomix- Electronic Sound (Oren Barkan- Electronic Sound), Reverse Psychology & Astrix- Wave of Love (Oren Barkan- Electronic Sound), Domestic & Astrix- Pure Energy (Clubber vol. 1, Retro 2, Tribal Dance Experience, Zulu Lounge, Unpaved Roads), Alien Project feat. Astrix- Genetic Eyes (IPT5, Alien Project- Dance or Die), Alien Project feat. Astrix- Electro (Alien Project- Midnight Sun, Retro), Alien Project & Astrix- Midnight Sun (Alien Project- Midnight Sun, Zoom vol. 4), Alien Project & Astrix- Magnetic (Alien Project- Midnight Sun), Alien Project & Astrix- Have A Nice Day (Alien Project- Midnight Sun), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Optical Vibes (Israliens 3, Yellow Sunshine Explosion Vol 2, Generations), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Valirus (Yahel- Mixing in Action), Astrix- Kali (Time and Space 1), Alien Project & Astrix- The First Revelation part one (The Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls), Alien Project & Astrix- Midnight Sun (GMS Remix) (Assassi:Nations: The Killers!, Raja Ram's Stash Bag, Alien Project- Dance or Die), Alien Project feat. Astrix- Genetic Eyes (genetically modified remix) (Assassi:Nations: The Killers!), Alien Project & Astrix- Modulator (Alien Project- Dance or Die), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Noise Freak (Adrenalin Take 1), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Scientific Reality (rough mix) (Full On 6, Retro 2, Incar:nations), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Visions (Loaded, A Psychedelic Trip to Goa, Karmachanics, Natraj Temple vol. 5), Astrix and Lior Miller- Rhythmos (Another Life, Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol. 4), Xerox & Passenger- Science is God (Xerox & Astrix remix) (Xerox- Frequency Drive, Goa 2), Alien Project vs. Astrix- Crystal Skulls (long version) (Siesta), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- DNA (Atomic Pulse remix) (Atomic Pulse- The Safi Collection), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Scientific Reality (Goa Sound System), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Crystal Sequence (Goanation, Goa 2003), Astrix & Domestic- Massive Activity (White Label Euphoria), Astrix & Delirious- Day Dream (Israliens 4), Domestic and Astrix vs. Astral Projection- Pure NRG (The Astral Projection EP part 1), Domestic and Astrix vs. Astral Projection- Pure NRG remix (The Astral Projection EP part 2, Ravolution, Open Air), Astrix- Eye to Eye (Raja Rams Stash Bag volume 2), Soundaholix- Psychedelic Circus (Astrix rmx) (GMS- The Remixes), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Moments (Ravolution), Astrix- Disco Valley (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel), Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Valirus (Sub 6 remix) (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel), Astrix- Solaris (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel part 2).

He also took part in the Private Taste project with Lior Miller, Ido Ofir (Domestic) & Kobi Avraham. Their track- First- was released on vinyl with a redub by Ashrtrax & another remixes vinyl with Max Graham remix and Ashtrax ambient score, both on Automatic records. It was also released on Israliens 3, Yahel- Mixing in Action, Trancelucent 4, Paul Van Dyk- Politics of Dancing, Danny Howells- Nocturnal Frequencies 3, Gatecraher- Digital, and other mainstream clubby compilations. The Ashtrax ambient mix was released on Mashed Mellow Grooves Four & The Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes- Breakdown.

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