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June 19 , 2024
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Tribal Tul :: 


Tul is Tal Ben-Ari from the city of Carmiel in the Galilee, a student of sound.
Tal says he always loved music and though he never studied it formally for a long time, he acquired his music hours studying some theory, playing the piano for a year, and also playing guitar, harmonica and flute. When he was 15 years old trance took over his world. Friends took him to a nature party and he got hooked. Since then, he says, he haven't been to a club. After a party in the north, sometime in 1996, where someone was playing live with a synth and computer, he went back home and both a synth. He started playing with the 303 and made some tracks. 6 months after that he was already playing his music in a party. Since then he's been playing in a lot of parties, mainly small underground ones. In 1999 he went to travel in India, and when he got back he started to build his studio and music seriously.
He defines his music as psychedelic, a bit like Australian trance, but not too heavy, music that tries to get you into trance, mainly through vibrations. Tal likes music without names, and he doesn't recognize too many trance artists by names. He says his favorite ones are Ka-Sol, Dado, MFG & Christof, but he reall vy like a lot of music that doesn't find it's way to be released.
When the tracks are made, every track is a different world, experiences he had accumulated, and the track start to form in his head. Then comes the time when he throws out his friends and start his studio session, usually coming out of it the next morning- nothing like a beautiful sunshine after a night of music. It takes 3-4 weeks to finish a track usually.
Right now Tal is a full time job musician. Once he decided that music is his road, he started DJing as well. Tal plays live trance for 4 years and consider that a very important part of his music, even when he's DJing he uses a live element, using synths and multi-effect and playing with the music.
He also runs the electronic music department in Gera sound school in Tel-Aviv, and runs his own label Tribal, in close cooperation with Bionics.

He released so far: Frequencies EP (Bionics/Tribal). And on compilation: Vega- Fly in Sdeno (Dig It, with Kobi Aflalo), Tribal Tul- Soul Game (Side Effect)

E-Mail: tul@bionics-records.com
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