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April 21 , 2024
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MFG are Aharon Segal (born 1970) and Guy Zukrel (born 1970). Aharon learned to play the organ when he was a kid and was playing keyboards ever since. He also wrote for other instruments as well, though he didn't play them. Guy has a similar background, he took organ lessons when he was 6 years old for 2 years, until he discovered the world of synth & midi. He got his first synth- Yamaha CS01- for his Bar-Mitzva and has been a 'midiman' since.

They met in high school, through a mutual friend who knew of their interest in music, and got them together. They didn't really separate since then. Aharon is a big collector of electronic music (3500 CDs!!!) and they always shared all music discoveries, and experienced the same enthusiasm and changes in their music interest together. They grew on stuff like Depech Mode, Yazoo, Kraftwerk & The Human Leauge, and later Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Klinik and a lot of others.

In 1995 they decided to write a real electro-industrial album together under the name Message From God. They wrote a few tracks till a friend that was into trance introduced them to a couple of tracks by The Infinity Project (TIP). They were amazed by the combination of sophisticated electronic music and melodies, and decided to write a couple of tracks and see what happens. It didn't take long till they got to Oren Kristal at Phonokol. He introduced them to Let There Be Light by Astral Projection, and they fell in love with this track and with Astral's sound. The outcome was Desert Sun. Oren signed them for 3 albums immediately after he heard that one.

Since then they released 4 albums: The Prophecy, New Kind of World, Project Genesis & The Message. New Kind of World was also released in Symbiosis in a different version with Maya Moon & Space Travel instead of New Horizon & Mystic Dawn. They also released two 12"s: Shape the Future/Desert Sun (Symbiosis, 1995) & Magnetic Activity/Overload (Transient, 1996). The Prophecy was also released on vinyl in Symbiosis and New Kind of World in Balloonia.

Guy also works solo as Passenger and he released an album- For All Mankind (with one MFG track on it), and together with DJ Eyal Yankovich he released Emuna (BNE)- a more clubby-retro thing.

MFG released numerous tracks on a multitude of compilations, among them:

MFG- Desert Sun (Balagan), MFG- Shape the Future (Goa Vibes 2, Balagan, Psi-Trance, Galactic Nebula), MFG- To Eternity (IPT1, Goa Head 3), MFG- Magnetic Activity (A Taste of TIT vol. 1), MFG- Alternate Dimension (Deck Wizards- Goa Gil), MFG- Overload (Destination Goa 3, Tantrance 3, Best of Destination Goa), MFG- Journey Beyond the Planet (Destination Goa 4), MFG- Magnetic Activity (Goa Trance 5, Goa Head 2), MFG- Magnetic Activity (96 remix) (Pulse 3, Goa Core 2), MFG- Inspiration (Destination Goa 5), MFG- When We Dream (Goa Head 4), MFG- Mystic Dawn (Transient 5), MFG- Life Signs Terminated (Cosmic Communication), MFG- Peaceful Relaxation (Astral Trance), MFG- Process Irreversible (The Passenger rmx) (Full On 2, Destination Goa 6), MFG- Psychic Resonator (IPT3), MFG- Intelligent Machine (Goa Trance 5), MFG- Why (Goa Head 6), MFG- Tsunamillenium (Full On 4).

They also collaborated with others:

Astral Projection & MFG- The Sleeper Must Awake (IPT1, Psy-Trance, Astral Trance), Astral Projection + MFG- Radial Blur (Trust in Trance 3), Astral Projection feat. MFG- Radial Blur (Goa vibes 2, this is a more relaxed mix), MFG & Jorg- Pachubatinath (Demoversion) (SST vol. 1), MFG & Jorg- Pashubatinath RMX (Cosmic Communication), California Sunshine and MFG- Breaking Through the Window (Passenger remix) (Space Mantra), DJ Miko & MFG- Breaking Through & Jungle Dream (California Sunshine- Flying Eye Land).

And were remixed:

MFG- Magnetic Activity (Asia 2001 remix) & Overload (Asia 2001 remix) (Asia 2001- live). Guy also released tracks and collaborated with others as Passenger & Emuna: The Passenger- Planet Earth (IPT2), The Passenger- Air Man & Bells in Space (Cosmic Communication), Passenger- Easy Rider (Israliens), Passenger- All Systems GO (Israliens 2), Passenger- Electric Opera (Full On 3), Passenger- The Race (Full On 4, Voojoo Rituals), Passenger- For All Mankind (hard mix) (Cyber Baba 2000), Emuna- Heart of Trance (deep cut) (Contact- Clubber vol. 1), Xerox feat. Passenger- Angel Kaya (Full On 4), Xerox feat. Passenger- Angel Kaya (trance mix) (In My Brain), Xerox & Passenger- Science is God (Xerox- Freestyle).


Novation bass station



Akai s2000

Nord Lead rack

Juno 106

Juno 60

Ensoniq ASR10

Soundcraft mixer

DBX compressor

Digitech processor


E-Mail: guymfg2002@yahoo.com   

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