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February 25 , 2024
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 ( Medium/Com.pact ,  Jun. 2002 )

1. Nasser- Feyruz 2. Domestic- Human Base 3. Evil Drug Lords- Things Controversial 4. Molecular- Hardcore Party 5. Lube- E.Q. 6. Matenda- Secrets of a Mermaid 7. DJ Exanimo- HAL 9000 (night flight mix) 8. Visual Paradox- Laughing Dog on Bog

DJ Bog of Com.pact records compiled a here an excellent CD for his Medium partners. Progressive is the word, but still quite psychedelic, diverse and interesting.

It's start with Nasser, a name to remember (expect a lot of good stuff coming from under his hands soon). Feyruz is one of 3 tracks here representing the Plug'N'Pray group- a collective of Israeli artists based in Tel-Aviv. It has a strong atmosphere, a lot of surprises and a winning sample. Minimal yet totally psychedelic. Domestic continue with a killer track for the floor (I know, I tried). Human Base (T2) is just irresistible- dark, massive and grabbing. Something is missing to make this track perfect, but it's still outstanding. Then it's EDL time (our own GuyShanti & Dudu, also P'N'P), with exactly what you would expect with a group with this name. Great happy funny track- always surprising and hitting you from all directions, with great moving groove- and you gotta love that sample! Molecular, with a 3rd P'N'P track, follows. Hardcore Party (T4) is just what it name suggests- sweeping floor stormer with caressing melodic touches. You'll find yourself humming this one to yourself after 2 listens. Lube (half Bitmonx, half Haldolium) are next. E.Q. (T5), groovy, moving, crunchy, no big story, but good atmosphere. Matenda follows with a totally soft progressive caressing melodic tune- nice to the ears, but not more. DJ Exanimo with a real beautifully layered amazing hypnotic morning track (T7)- my favorite here. Ending the CD are Visual Paradox, here hosting Haldolium, with Laughing Dog on Bog- nice, though nothing really exciting happens here- good soft ending for the CD, though.

Recomendation:  One of the best progressive psychedelic trance compilations I heard for a while. Good stuff from start to end.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3, 4, 7(!).

Review by : Shahar

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