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June 19 , 2024
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Visual Paradox

Visual Paradox is Gaddy Marian (AKA DJ Bog). For a while he used to work under that name with Eran Hennenberg (Star-X).
Gaddy was born in 1976 in Rehovot and grew up in Binyamina. From his youth was attracted to sound engineering and music. He worked in few sound companies as a PA technician. He discovered the world of electronic music in 1992, when the scene started to grow in Israel. In 1997, he started to DJ in small underground parties around the country. He also worked for a while for Krembo/USTA. In 2000 Gaddy started to collect electronic and analog instruments to build his own studio and create his own music. Gaddy is married to Liat and a father to one year old Shahar. He met with Eran in 2001 and started to make music together and released few tracks and an the first Visual Paradox album. Later on they parted and Gaddy works as Visual Paradox on his own. He also runs the label Com.pact records in partnership with Medium.

They released their first album- Kick the Habit- through Com.pact. They also released on compilations:
Visual Paradox- Mach 1.3 (Vibration 4), Visual Paradox- My (Joker Files v2), Perplex & Visual Paradox- Visual Perplex (Perplex- Dynamic, Tranceporter), Sweird vs. Visual Paradox- Banana Lassi (Israeli Pitch Process), Visual Paradox- Timeless (Sunrise), Visual Paradox vs. Alhad- Fresh (Fata Morgana), Visual Paradox- Laughing Dog on Bog (Acupuncture, Goa Beach), Visual Paradox- Random Walk (Ticket to Goa vol. 2), Visual Paradox vs. Perplex- Ice Glass (Cosmopolite), Visual Paradox- Fly with Angel (Goa Sound System), Visual Paradox vs. Perplex- Thunder (PerPlex- Off Beat), Visual Paradox vs. Perplex- Complex (PerPlex- Off Beat), Visual Paradox vs. Perplex- Ice Glass (PerPlex rmx) (PerPlex- Off Beat), Native Radio- Nueromancer (Visual Paradox rmx) (Air Gate).

Computer and Midi:

Pc pentium 3 1000 MHz -running Cubase vst 5.01

Pc Leptup pentium 3 1300 MHz-running Nuendo 1.53

USB midi man 4x4

Mixer and Accessories:

Yamaha pro mix 01

CreamWare Polsar 3

CreamWare Lona 2

CreamWare A16 (Adt)

RME a/d/a Multiface 8 i/o


Clavia Nord Lead 1

Novation Nova

Access Virus A

Waldorf Micro Q

Emu Esi 32

Akai Xl 3000

Event 20/20

Behringer truth b2031


Lacsicon Pcm 70

Tc electronic M1

Alesis Midiverb 4

Behringer Virtualizer

Behringer V-amp


Rode Nt3

Behringer B2

Shure Sm58

Shure Sm57


Tascam Cd-Rw700

Sony D100

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