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December 10 , 2018
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Adrenalin Drum - Vanity

 ( Kagdila ,  Oct. 2004 )

1. Wake Up 2. Twisted Reality 3. Possession 4. No Pain 5. Lost Years 6. Last Night 7. Devil Inside 8. Another Sign (Rmx) 9. Anguish

The name Har-Ell Prussky is not new in the trance world. He has been around for about ten years, been a part of groups like Carribian Sunrise and California Sunshine and have many releases in his record. This is a release under the name Adrenalin Drum, the second one, after Engine (Out of Orion, 2002). Donít expect the California Sunshine dolphins here or the Carribian Sunrise melodies because this release is more techish in style. Most tracks have a progressive structure in the sense that they "open up" to their maximal feel, the extent of their body, only around the middle of the fifth minute after a long build up. Yet they are faster and more aggressive in style. Add in some psychedelic sounds and you are heading into a very strange combination.

We start with Wake Up (T1) where the opening sounds take you away to the jungle, to some crazy computer game, king kong shooting laser guns in the jungle. Pretty soon the other animals in the jungle join him, each with its own laser gun and style. The next track, Twisted Reality (T2) claims that "In my dreams, I can be, whatever I wanna be" repeatedly as vocals, some tribal sounds around it, lots of swishes and swooshes, mixed all together to an amorphous combination that triggers your musical taste buds. It doesn't satisfy the tease tough and you are left with the expectation. The third track, Possession (T3) takes us to a more techish world. It is fast, energetic, yet cold. Nightish by feel, morningish by BPM, which comes out distant. Some sounds there were so weird, I wasn't sure if they came from the sound system or from my stomach, just before dinner. Did I say techish already? No Pain (T4) has a girl's vocals that sound as if she's going through the good kind of pain. Yes pain, yes, yes, yes!. The track is energetic, jumpy, with Goa sounds and melody. Had it not been for the vocals, this would have been another computer game, more like a car race with pinball machines. "Here we go" with Lost Years (T5), a techish, fast, spacey track. High BPM, some psychedelic sounds, with a break that gives some expectations, of no avail. Last Night (T6) is once again, a nightish track in feel, which takes us back to the jungle, into the woods, this time at night, where a tribe of people is sitting around a fire and chants, at least in my brain that's what they do; with a female narrator in the background. Seems like this is an Animal Planet track. For a minute there I was scared, because there are a lot of squeaks in Devil Inside (T7) that sound like it's a bad mp3 rip. It can't be, since I am playing an original, but it does sound like it, even after it falls into pattern and follows the main beat. The track gets a body after a while and fills up, but I just couldn't ignore the unnecessary, superfluous squeaky mp3 sound there. Another Sign (T8) starts in a fuller, heavier, deeper sound. It has a nice melody to it, a high-hats' start and vocals from Instinct (Starring Anthony Hopkins, 1999). Anguish (T9) is fast, with siren like sounds and tweets. It gets to the point quite quickly and nicely, being not too ingenious yet clever. It's danceable, psychedelic, entertaining and rhythmic.

Recomendation:  This is one of those CDs that I know will grow on me. It is not one of those CDs that you like the first time you hear it, at least not me, but there is something out there, away from my grasp. If you are into the more techish side of trance, you will find some nice tracks here spiced up with some melodies and psychedelic sounds. If you are into the more psychedelic, melodic side of trance, you will find some nice tracks here spiced up with some techish grooves. What can I say, "Vanity, definitely my favorite sin" (Al Pacino, The Devil's Advocate 1997)

Favorite tracks:1, 4, 8, 9

Review by : Karnaf

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