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May 19 , 2024
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California Sunshine

 ::  X-Wave

Har-el Prusski, one of Israelís electronic music pioneers and DJ Miko, one of the first trance DJs in Israel are California Sunshine.
In the beginning of the Ď90s, when it all started, DJ Miko used to take a lot of Har-elís tracks and play them in Goa and Ko Phan Gan. Then the guys decided to work together and Formed California Sunshine. In 1997 they released their first album California Sunshine- Trance (Miko & Har-El) on Unnatural Recording/Phonokol, the CD was a big hit in Israel and around the world and started the big success of California Sunshine. Famous DJ Paul Oakenfold remixed & released the great trance anthem Summer '89, A remix that entered the British charts. Then followed Imperia (where they host Schahaf Swartzman on two of the tracks) also in 1997, and in 1998 they released the amazing Nasha, hosting X-Dream, Juan Verdera and Boris Blenn. In 2000 a fourth album was released on MDMA, that was more a project of DJ Miko, Flying Eye Land. It contains 3 tracks by the original duo, one of them with Nada, a remix to Last Feeling from Nasha (with Juan Verdera), 2 tracks by DJ Miko & MFG, one by Miko and Space Cat, and one of Miko with Luminus & Mental Orange. In October 2000 they released their fifth album and a bonus mixed CD- Wonderland- which contains new tracks and also some remixes and tracks released before only in compilations. On March 2001 they released Summer of 89 remixes EP on Kaktus.

California Sunshine also released a lot of their tracks on numerous compilations, among them: Disneyland (Israelís Psychedelic Trance 2), Alala (A Taste of Trust in Trance vol. 1), Alala, Green Sky, Travel in Time & Shintu Shanti (Travelling 4), Alala (remix) (Astral Trance- Future Psychedelic Trance), Imperia rmx (Dance 50- The Independence Trance Revival), Flashback (Ptzatzot), Whirlpool (Ptzatzot 2), Killing Joke- Black Moon (California Sunshine remix)(Killing Joke- War Dance, The Remixes), Tatayama (The Future Sound of Ambient 4), X-Wave (with X-Dream, Goa Head 6), Tokyo Underground (Goa Head 7), Last Feeling (with Juan Verdera , Astral Trance- Trip 2), Jajo (Tan Trance 7) New Bit Generation- Turn On, Log In , Boot Out (with Dado, Analogique), California Sunshine & MFG- Breaking Through the Window (Passenger remix) (Space Mantra), California Sunshine & MFG- Breaking Through (Goa Head 10), Coming Home (Tantrance 9, Analog Reflections), Vision (Miko & Space Cat, Spiritual Moves 2), Summer of 89 (Retro), One Step Up, Going Down, New Underground, Mood & Play for Today (Miko- X-Wave)

DJ Miko also released together with Luminus one track on the latest Hypnotica CD (on Hommega) and also made, together with Kintaro, the trance version for the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva. In 2002 Miko started to work with others under the name X-Wave and released the Miko-X-Wave compilation through Phonokol.

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