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February 24 , 2024
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Arsim On Acid

 ( Master Production / MDMA ,  Apr. 1999 )

1. Momi & Bansi- Dear Wife 7:16 2. Momi & Bansi- Space Jam 7:23 3. Riktam- In & Out 7:19 4. Momi & Goblin- Ten Lo Ba'rosh! 8:51 5. Har-El- Rainy Day 9:51 6. Shakta- Arsim on Acid 7:14 7. Shakta- Misra Indica 6:53 8. Har-El- Interzone2000 8:34 9. Momi & Riktam- Baby 7:16

Surprise CD from MP/MDMA! The name is an Israeli private joke- the music is no joke. Great stuff from the top of the top, some beautiful twisted night tracks and some great psychedelic morning tunes- A CD to dive into.
The CD starts with two cooperations between Bansi from GMS and Momi, two really great night tunes, slow and psychic. Then come two tracks that fit so well together! First it's the other half of GMS (Riktam) with a very complex, building up track with one of the most cheerful-visual lines I heard in trance for a long time, it all just goes in & out! Perfect! Right after this one you dive perfectly into Ten Lo Ba'rosh! (meaning: hit him in the head, in Hebrew) by Goblin & Momi- another happy psychedelic morning track, but this one is also full power and hits you with a great buildup that will drive you nuts. Again, you hear those cheerful-visual lines, which is why these two track (T3 & T4) match so perfectly together.
Har-el has here two great tracks, atmospheric as always and very hypnotic. I know I repeat myself every time I write about Har-el, but here is a master at work. I must say that these two track sound a bit out of place here, but just a bit.
Seb Taylor is also here as Shakta, with two great morning tunes. Arsim on Acid already appeared as a Somaton track in Zep Tepi (I don't even think this is a different remix). Both this track (T6) and the other, Misra Indica (T7), are full power morning tracks with strong oriental melodies. The CD ends with a great chill track in 3/4 - just beautiful and very refreshing music, it's nice to hear something new.

Recomendation:  I LOVE THIS CD! It's refreshing, fun to listen to, has great tunes, new sounds and a lot of the biggest names at work- the surprise of 1999 so far! BUY IT- no second thoughts.

Favorite tracks:3(!), 4(!), 5, 8, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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