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June 27 , 2019
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As Hard as it Gets

 ( Boa Group ,  Jul. 2009 )

1. A-Team- U on Acid 8:01 2. Punchline- New Reality 9:46 3. Psy Sex- Puzzle (Bliss remix) 7:06 4. Painkiller vs. Bio Genesis- Chilakillers 8:23 5. Azax Syndrom- Search and Destroy 7:42 6. Toxic- Overdose 7:36 7. Slug vs. Lost & Found- Synthetic 8:06 8. Astral Projection- One (A-Team remix) 8:53

A-Team is a collaboration between Painkiller and Bliss (Roy Engel and Yonathan Marcow, who have collaborated in the past in the long defunct project Shaff Puff), and they have already appeared on various compilations. Their collaboration has been a success and theyíre even planning on releasing a double album on Nutek Records soon. Anyway, from their names youíve must have guessed it, theyíre all about full on. It comes as no surprise then, that this compilation is stacked with full on. They even have two surprises around the corner. The compilation kicks off with a track by A-Team themselves , U on Acid, and itís a hard one. New Reality from Punchline (T2) starts off with smooth pads and quickly turns into an energetic affair, with over nine minutes itís the longest here. Great stuff. Then, one of the surprises turns up. Psy Sexí classic tune Puzzle, originally released on Israliens 4, gets the remix treatment by Bliss. I like the remix, it has lots of energy, but itís also a lot busier than the original, which sounds a lot cleaner. I like the original better, but the remix is ok too. Chilakillers (T4) is more of the same thing, lots of energy and drive. Search and Destroy is typical Azax Syndrom, more of the style that was also displayed on his collaboration album with Bliss. Toxic and Slug vs. Lost & Found continue in the energetic trend of this compilation with Synthetic (T7), which is doing great so far on the freaking out department. Then the second surprise. One from Astral Projection gets the remix treatment by A-Team. The melodies of the original are kept in place, while receiving a slightly more uptempo and harder edge. That bass line hammers away nicely and if this is (together with U On Acid) is what A-Team is going to be all about, then that double album looks like itís going to be great. What do you gain by buying this compilation? Well, a few of the better, harder full on tracks out there at the moment. Mastering is done by Roy Engel from Painkiller and it all sounds crisp and with everything in the right place. Artwork is pretty basic, but ok. The kinda handwritten font is nice, and the diamond fits in nicely with the overall theme of the album. The tracks are all great, and I donít really have any favourites here.

Recomendation:  As hard as it gets is a great way to earn eight of the better and harder edged full on tracks out there at the moment. If youíre looking for some fat full on youíre going to have to take this into account. Even though it is only 65 minutes in length, this is one compilation that can have the moniker: all killer and no filler, even if I dislike the term Ďkillerí.

Review by : Acidhive

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