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October 1 , 2020
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Astral Projection - Anything is possible 12"

 ( Transient ,  Sep. 2001 )

A. Anything is possible 8:01 B. Another world (Passenger rmx) 7:42

Here we get on vinyl 2 tracks from Astral Projection already released on Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol. 5. Anything is Possible was the opening track and Passenger's remix to Another World was fourth.

Anything Is Possible is another track in Astral Projection's new style- "Goa club". A combination of goa and club trance, or club trance using Goa sounds if you want to call it that way. A lot of stereo use in here and many effects. As usual we get the rich, lush, full of sound AP sound but this time a bit cleaner, less noisy. The bassline is very massive but the lead sounds are a little weak. I liked the background sounds- they add a lot to the atmosphere. And as with any club trance track you must have the build-up of the track- massive, energetic, powerful. It seems to fit the formula in here, the melody accompanied with samples (which get a little annoying after the explosion) and the percussion adding slowly until the end, together with the high octave sounds.
Next track is yet another remix to Another World, this time by Passenger (Guy Zukrel from MFG). The beginning is weak and boring, a poor attempt to try and take this track to another direction. The "ee-aa" sample is really annoying. After a few minutes the track recovers a bit from the disappointment, getting stronger and better. Instead of the full-on melodies we got used to in the original, we get them in a minimalistic way- not so powerful synth lines.

Recomendation:  This is not the best of Astral Projection. One not so good track and one bad remix to an excellent track. Buy it only if you don't have the tracks already or if you want it on vinyl.

Review by : Mike A.

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