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October 1 , 2020
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BLT - News CDS

 ( Iboga ,  Mar. 2004 )

1. BLT & Danni Makov- News 140bpm 7:44 2. BLT feat. DJ Nadi- Space Boogie (Remix) 142bpm 8:51 3. Antix- Free As We Are (BLT Remix) 140bpm 7:11

Yuli Fershtat, better known as BLT, presents us with a 3-track CD single in Iboga, after releasing his God is Love EP with them and some other tracks on Iboga compilations.

It starts with News, a good opener with a lot of presence. Very groovy and danceable, yet doesnít follow any formula. The prolific collaboration with Danni Makov contributes a drummerís perspective to the creative process which is felt throughout the track. Some of the sounds in this track seem pretty discordant at first. However, on a second and third listen everything comes together and those sounds are what makes it stand out. The journey continues with a remix to the grooviest BLT track- Space Boogie. BLT has proven himself as a remixer in the past, but how can you remix such a perfect track? What we get here is an updated version of Space Boogie- better sound, more cute noises and percussion layers, but the groove and melody stay the same- like it should be. Although the original track can still rock any dancefloor, the remix has been playing in Israel for a long time now, with a massive response from the crowd. Next is a remix for Antix- Free As We Are. Hypnotic percussion sounds, an extremely uplifting melody and a very fitting sample make this track ideal for playing in nature, during sunrise, thus creating a true trance experience. Too bad the track isn't longer. It could have been even better if the melody would have been developed.

Recomendation:  If you like groovy, emotional and original trance music you should get this immediately. In other words, if you like BLT this was made for you. Apart from being a good single in and of itself, this is also a teaser for BLTís upcoming album in collaboration with Danni Makov, to be released soon.

Review by : Timmy

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