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May 19 , 2024
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BLT is Yuli Fershtat, born 1970 in Russia and in Israel since the age of 11. He's also a student of Acupuncture & Shiatsu.

Yuli started dealing with music from age of 0, coming from a family of pianists. And started studying the piano at the age of 4. He stopped doing so at the age of 11, and says he doesn't regret either (starting & stopping). Most of his musical experiences as a teen, was with rocky psychedelia such as King Crimson, Genesis (Peter Gabriel's), Jethro Tull, Yes and so on, dipped in some hard Rock- Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple and in blues, mostly Mississippi based- Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon etc...

He says that what he liked in music then and still likes now, is the ability to take ones mind from point A to point B, and do that in GROOVIE style. That is what he tries to do nowadays. He says it's quite a big task, but there is quite a lot of time till he's seventy, so there is a chance He'll make it.

In 1992/93 he visited India and Goa and got his mind expanded towards the Electro-Psychedelic music (which he hated till that time and greatly admires since). At these days, he says, Dance2Trance was the name and great vibe was the game, and two years later at the 94/95 Goa season he had it all going with Astral (Mahadeva, Power Gen) Projection, Baby (Mantra to the Buddha) Doc, Hardfloor (Mantra to the Buddha rmx) and Total (Can't do that, Blade Runner) Eclipse and many others with the two maestros in front: Nick Barber (Doof)- Double Dragons, Let's turn on, Mars needs women etc., and Hallucinogenious Simon- LSD will be enough.

In 1997 his friends decided that THAT IS IT, and bought him a CS1X synth for his birthday, and since he's into electronic vibrations of any kind- chillout to teckno, always with some amount of psychedelia in it.

BLT released three albums- Alchemic Anecdote (Krembo, 1999), Presence (Hommega, 2000), ), and in July 2002, also in Hommega, he released God is Love, that was followed by the successful God is Love EP on vinyl through Iboga. In March 2004 he released the News CDS in Iboga, and In May 2004 he released together with Danni Makov the Anything U Want album (Tokyo Dance). Other vinyl releases- Pulp Fiction EP (Krembo, 1998) and BLT EP (Balloonia, 2001). He also released on vinyls the following tracks- Litro (with P.Cok on their Tracker 12" in Krembo), Fluffer (Voojoo Rituals EP in Hovek Olam), Human Cube Factory (In My Brain EP on Balloonia), Clear Vision (Israliens 2 EP in Balloonia), Froggie Business (Ectoplasma EP in Iboga).

Currently he performs a very special live show together with Israeli rock legend drummer Danni Makov all around the world following their album release.

His tracks were released a lot of CDs and compilations: BLT- Soul Sacrifice (The Forum Compilation), Allto- Allto (The Forum Compilation), Enertopia & BLT- Oh Nurse Over, Enertopia& BLT- If When What We See, Enertopia& BLT- Torn Between, Enertopia& BLT- The Guardian and Enertopia& BLT- A Little Tiny Pause (Enertopia- Face Adapter), P.Cok- Mukolit (P.Cok- Acid Trooper, Psychedelic Gate 1), BLT- Lemon (Psychedelic Krembo 4), BLT- Fluffer (Voojoo Rituals), BLT- Lemon (PsyCraft rmx) (Voojoo Rituals), BLT- Clear Vision (Israliens 2, Virtual Trance vol.2), BLT & Psy Craft- Beat Manifesto (UFS2), BLT- Human Cube Factory (In My Brain), BLT vs. Realistic- Maybe Tomorrow (Life Is...), Realistic BLT- Dr. Jackyl & Mr. Hide (Life Is...), BLT & Future Prophecy- Rat in My Kitchen (BLT remix) (Full On 5),BLT feat. DJ Nadi- Space Boogie (Retro, Spiritual Moves 3), BLT- Bass-Tah (Israliens 3), BLT and DJ Gidi- White Lotus (Rolling Synthochords), BLT & DJ Gidi- Purple Lotus (New Frontiers), BLT- The Calling (UFS3), BLT- Cruise Control (BPM), BLT- Screwdriver (Amalgamated Amalgamation), Ticon- We are the Mammoth Hunters (BLT feat Danny Makov rmx) (Amalgamated Amalgamation), BLT- Genetiks (Flip Out 2), BLT- Froggie Business (Ectoplasma), BLT & DJ Nadi- The Door part 1 (Travelocity), BLT- BLT (Generations), BLT- Monolith (Goa 2), BLT vs. Morax- Tale of a Snail (Frequent Flyers), Antix- Free As We Are (BLT remix) (Puzzled, The Swiss Connection), BLT- Clear Vision (PsyCraft remix) (Mental Case, Goa 2004 vol.2), BLT- The Slapper (Irresistible Meltdown vol. 3).

As best parties he mentions in no particular order:

1. 1998 Small thingy in Casol, India - AAAaaaaaarrrrggghhhh 6 hour DJ set- it was AN experience.
2. 1999 Nadi/Itzik/David gathering in the north near Ya'ara (1 and 2)- words fail me about this one.
3. 2000 Nadi/Itzik/David desert gathering - WOW party.. there are no parties like this nowadays...
4. 2001 Israeli Independance Day (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5), courtesy of Gabi & the Twins, on a hill near Mt. Tavor in the north of Israel- definitely the most amazing morning I had as a DJ.
5. 2002 Binyamina lake, winter time in Israel, a specially cold day- unbelievable party!!! Organized by Yariv & Izi, was my first time to collaborate with Danni Makov, amazing crowd & atmosphere and great live set by Haldolium @ the morning.

Studio Gear:
Dynaudio BM6 studio monitors
Event 20/20p studio monitors
Yamaha CS1x synth
AMD XP2000+, 1.67 mhz Desktop running 1 Gig ram ( For studio work )
Pentium IV, 1700 mhz Notebook running 512 Meg ram ( For live sets )
2 Hammerfall Multiface HDSP
Cubase SX 2


Web: http://blt.isratrance.com

E-Mail: blt@isratrance.com

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