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October 26 , 2021
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Bluetech - Sines and Singularities

 ( Aleph Zero ,  Dec. 2005 )

01. Enter the Lovely 02. Condensation 03. Leaving Winter Behind 04. Forgiveness 05. Shulman - First Came the Stars (Bluetech remix) 06. Pitch Black - Ape to Angel (Bluetech's evolution remix) 07. Airstream 08. Dreamtime Lullaby 09. Shimmer 10. Wilderness 11. A Garland of Stars

Evan Bluetech has released his eclectic tracks on more than 10 labels, including his worldwide debut which was a double CD released on Aleph Zero Records. He is one of the most respected Chill producers, an explorer that wants to uncover unknown paths. The cover show a picture from above the clouds with some light dots, some sound waves and much more. It brings these words:

"The human ear can recognize single sine waves because they sound `clean` or `clear` to us. To the human ear, a sound that is made up of more than one sine wave will either sound `noisy` or will have detectable harmonics."

The CD is blue and it shows the symbol of this release with nice details, including the notion of depth.
The mastering was made by the master Yaniv Shulman at Aleph Zero Studios and sounds just perfect.

The album begins (T1) with nice effects and pads, very good taste on the choice of the elements, exceptional empathy in the volume of each sound. The bass is mysterious. The elements are always rising and falling, it`s like the real life: there`s always something leaving, but you only notice when it already far away... It`s a very hypnotic track and near the end the journey becomes more twisted and psychedelic. Excellent way to start an album! The elements on the second track (T2) arrive naturally, the music has it own mood. It`s incredible how the sounds melt into each other, the sounds come from so far, but when they arrive it`s like the music was asking for them. Condensation is what happens with the many elements in the middle of this journey... But they also precipitate into a colorful waterfall of many notes, including some almost organic sounds. Right at the first note of the third track (T3) I new it was going to touch me. Before the end of the first minute the music is already so emotional... This is deep; I fall into its mysteries and let the music guide me. I`m looking at my life, seeing my past, the ones I love, feeling some long forgotten emotions... I read the track name and almost cried. This amazing music is really about "Leaving your Winters Behind", it took me from my past and showed me the future. My favorite! The timbers of the bass on Forgiveness (T4) are so well chosen. That piano sounds good. In less than 2 minutes there are so many interacting layers of sounds, so many discrete sounds... Deep and evolving. The bass really stands out as my guide while the other elements paint the landscapes I walk through. The music has an history, it expands and contracts, it has tentacles... Next is Evan`s remix to one of the many Shulman masterpieces, First Came the Stars (T5). Each element try to find its place at the start, but soon enough they`re orchestrated into a funny symphony. This track stands out for its psychedely, the stereo games are great. I love the highly distorted samples and the way they`re used as a musical instrument. It makes me get up and dance... The result here is so much bigger than the sum of the parts. Now is the time to a remix to Ape to Angel (T6), an excellent track. The bass is strong and feel all the empty spaces. A very reflexive track; makes me think about my life. The amazing piano notes shape the road I`m walking through, it adds emotions and meaning. The middle is more static, but still moving like when you look to a quiet sky with few clouds. The piano strikes me again, in a mix of sadness and thinking and knowing I must go forward. Beautiful. Airstream (T7) is more happy... The beat kicks right at the start and from not too far comes the bass, bringing movement. Sooner than expected a thick and complex atmosphere was build and it smells good. This touchs my heart. Astonishing work with the stereo and the timber of the noises. Dreamtime Lullaby (T8) starts with silence and keeps building until it`s dense. A break brings the rain and a groovy atmosphere arrives. Sounds coming from far and keep arriving... Suddenly it seems like some "capoeira" melodies, but different and involving, interesting mixture... Towards the end it gets more and more hypnotic until it falls into a beatless outro. Now we`re going for something fatter (T9). Nice hypnotic sounds and textures, but it only catches me when the complex melodies strikes: I had to surrender. It`s a peaceful road until the end, feeling the breeze over hills and near the clouds, but still with my feet on the ground. Good one. I must confess that at first listening this Wilderness track (T10) passed somehow unnoticed. I guess it was the strong bass that sounded a little out of place. But then it grew on me. Grew fast. Now it`s always a good trip through the Wilderness. I hear birds and monkeys. I don`t know if they`re really there, but my imagination wanders besides them. After the main break it`s like a sunrise, like when the things are getting clear and more colorful. The last track (T11) features an special guest, Rena Jones, who plays cello. This is different, more feminine and delicate, no beat at all, and still well built. Excellent outro for this wonderful album.

Wow! This album brings so many new elements, I`m almost sure Evan created most sounds here from the scratch. This is different and diversified music, not a single track resembling the other, and I`m putting this along with the J. Viewz`s album as the best chill/ambient releases of the year. Come enjoy this joyful journey for yourself, well hidden traps within this music, nice tricks that are always catching me.

RecomendationAleph Zero and Bluetech did it again! Bluetech`s sounds are evolving into many directions and this fantastic CD just catapulted me into orbit, so many sounds I never heard before orchestrated into a perfect symphony. There are so many good points inside this album: 11 peculiar tracks, more than 78 minutes of good music, a great deal of diversity, a mix of textures, different styles, no fillers, the tracks are really connected with the track names, a lot of innovation and meaning. This is a must have for any Chill DJ and to home listening as well. Surely this will be my Christmas` soundtrack!

Review by : full_on

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