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April 21 , 2024
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Shulman are Yaniv Shulman (born 1976) and Omri Harpaz (born 1977), who has joined Yaniv in 2001. Yaniv grew up surrounded by music and started out by playing the organ when he was a child and then later played different musical instruments. when he was a teenager, he played the guitar in a couple of hardcore and death metal bands. After that, he delved into drumming. in the last couple of years, hes been learning to play the piano and plans to study side flute next. In the age of 16 he stumbled accidentally upon a trance party near Jerusalem and got caught by the music. He started producing music in 1994, and released trance music under the name Mental Orange also collaborating with different artists. Yaniv recently finished his computer science degree and hopes to continue studying music theory next year. Yaniv is inspired by a varied array of music, from the modern composers such as Rahmaninov and Ravel through rock, ethnic, and all kinds of electronic music. Some of his favorite artists include: FSOL, Pink Floyd, The Infinity Project, Ravi Shankar, Hari Prasad Chaurasia and their amazing gang of geniuses that work with them, Hallucinogen, Bjork, Anti Pop Consortium & Messhuggah.
Omri (AKA DJ Omi) started DJing when he was 17, he is one of the best underground DJ in Israel, and has played all over the world. Lately he started producing music as well, first producing more progressive tunes under the name Digital Manta and moving to full on music under the name Omi. He is influenced by many types of music from hardcore heavy metal through punk, modern rock, gothic, industrial, hip-hop, and trip hop. His favourite artists are: Pantera, Metallica, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Eminem, My Dying Bride, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Dr. Dre, and many more.

Shulman released on Februrary 2002 Soundscapes and Modern Tales on Shaffel. The second album- In Search of A Meaningful Moment was released on Yaniv's own label- Aleph Zero- in December 2003.

They also released on the following compilations: Shulman- Small Grey Creatures (Interact), Shulman- Fromage (Nine-Beach), Shulman- First Came the Stars (Spiritual Worlds), Shulman- Take A Walk Outside (Sadomora Private Compilation), Shulman- Small Grey Creatures (Illumination remix) (B Trance).

Yaniv has also released: Luminus & Mental Orange- "Intro-Active" (Luminus- Hypnotica), Luminus & Mental Orange- Sub-Sonic System (Luminus- Hypnotica), Mental Orange- Analog Reflections (Analog Reflections), Mental Orange vs. Luminus- No More Nightmares (Analog Reflections, Alien Nation, Malfunction), California Sunshine- Coming Home (California Sunshine- Flying Eye Land, California Sunshine- Wonderland, Analog Reflections, Tantrance 9), Mental Orange- Bomb-A (Spiritual Moves vol. 2), Mental Orange- Rasta Pasta (Spiritual Moves vol. 2), Opus Magnum- Three Elements (Mental remix) (Spiritual Moves vol. 3), Mental Orange- 2000000 Miles on a Flame (Alien Nation), Mental Orange- Elements (Life is...),

Omri has also released: BLT vs. Digital Manta- If You Call It, It Will Come (Under Construction 2), Skazi & DJ Omi- Helldll (Magnet).

Shulmans studio equipment includes:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+ CPU running Cubase SX

Various plug-ins and wave editing software

Echo Audio Gina 24 sound card

Studiologic Sl880 midi controller keyboard

Mackie SR 24*4 studio mixer

Korg DL8000R multi effect processor

DBX 160a compressor/limiter

Korg MS2000R rack synthesizer

Clavia Nord modular rack synthesizer

Access Electronics Virus B rack synthesizer.

F.A.T. Freebass FB383 synthesizer

Akai professional S3000-XL sampler

Genelec 1031APM studio monitors


Web: http://www.shulman.info

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