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February 26 , 2020
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Borderline- compiled by DJ Osho

 ( Echoes ,  Apr. 2009 )

1. Motion Drive- Oscillation of Energy 8:16 2. Flowjob- Zugar Baby Babylon 7:27 3. Ace Ventura- Winter Solstice 8:57 4. Quantize- Dymethyltryptamine 8:53 5. Rocky- Technics Bla (Midimal remix) 7:42 6. Lish- Dirty Feelings (Alter Breed remix) 7:18 7. Bitmonx & DJ Fabio- City Lights 8:15 8. Earsugar- Guardian (RPO remix) 7:42 9. Virb & Padd- Trapped 10:03

Right from its debut compilation- Think Different- Echoes Records threw itself between the heavyweights of the psy progressive scene, and since then every other of its releases stands out in an impossible to ignore way. That being said, I must add that this is their best or second best release, and a strong contestant for best progressive compilation of the year. This is it, end of review. No? Ohh, sorry, now I got it, you want to have a glimpse of why is that. An empirical explanation could be that listening to it makes me wanna dance like there was no tomorrow, bringing to my mind some of my dearest psychedelic festival memories. I have a deep desire to listen to some of these tracks in potent sound system, especially at an open air event. A more direct approach would be trying to describe the feeling I had when a friend asked me to define my favorite or least favorite track. It was like an anxiety building up and then I just said: “come on, let’s listen to it!”. It is needless to say that all tracks here will do the job at the dance floor or please the proggy heads when home listening. I feel that the first half has a better flow between the tracks and it is valid to mention the cover concept matching precisely the name of the release and the approach of the music.

Recomendation:  Osho did an excellent selection work here and the professional 4CN Studio mastering was the cherry on the top of this outstanding Echoes release.

Favorite tracks:The whole package

Review by : full_on

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