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March 1 , 2021
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Think Different

 ( Echoes ,  Nov. 2006 )

1. Perfect Stranger vs. Ace Ventura - Perfect Ace 2. Paste - Down On the Streets (Echotek Remix) 3. Fusi & Johnson - Respect 4. Vibrasphere - Capsize 5. Ace Ventura - Go With Da Flow (Morax Remix) 6. Tegma - Bratislava Next 7. Fitalic - The Way 8. True Lies - If You Wanna

This is the debut of Echoes Records, a new progressive label based on Israel.
The cover art is one of the best of 2006, showing a "light bulb robot", but unfortunately there's no mention about who did the cover art in the booklet. Also there's no mention about who compiled the album, so I assume the label managers did that. The mastering was made by Bog at Overdose Studio.

The album has only 8 tracks, and seems to be divided in two halves, the first half is faster and the second is slower and groovier. The music begins with Perfect Ace (T1), an instant classic and one of the best progressive tracks I heard in 2006. It has a nice intro, peculiar and efficient bass lines, nice samples from Scar Face, a huge break and the perfect ending. This first track alone is worth the compilation. Echotek's remix to Paste is next (T2), steadier but in the same bpm of the opening track it's a nice track. Respect (T3) by Fusi & Johnson is a good follow up, never hear about these two guys, but they were successful in making the faster track on this progressive release. The pounding bass and the good taste on the samples and effects made me like this more than the previous track. Capsize (T4) is Vibrasphere's contribution to this compilation, a very well executed progressive tune, that flies at 137 bpm and keeps everybody moving on the dance floor like they were bees in a hive. Now we're moving into the groovier side of the compilation, which starts with a good remix to an Ace Ventura track. Morax is the guy in charge of this deep mix, and its steady flow at 132 bpm makes it a favorite here. Following we have Tegma, the duo that always manage to stamp a smile at my face, and this track is absolutely no exception to this rule, wow, it's probably the groovier trace here and it surely makes me dance. Good job guys! Fitalic's track (T7) didn't impress me that much, its a nice track, but not my style, so that I'm moving to the last track, If You Wanna (T8), which is already a dance floor hit with at least one released remix. It's a nice and funny track at 130 bpm, also with great sample usage. It is another favorite, I don't think I'd play it at a party, but for closing this compilation and to home listening it's just perfect.

All in all with this compilation Echoes Records starts already as a respected label, the names and the music talks for itself, congratulations and please keep this quality level.

Recomendation:  This is a recommended progressive release, featuring tracks by some top artists in the progressive scene. The only drawback of this compilation is that it only has eight tracks, in all other aspects it's an above average release, its stronger points are the absence of bad tracks, the dance floor effectiveness and the broad bpm range. Also it's excellent for home listening. Go for it.

Favorites: 1(!!), 4, 5, 6, 8.

Review by : full_on

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