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June 19 , 2024
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California Sunshine - Trance

 ( Unnatural Recordings / Phonokol ,  1997 )

1. Summer of 89 11:06 2. Alala 9:06 3. Tears in my Eyes 7:46 4. California Sunshine 9:58 5. Canibali 8:40 6. Travel in Time 8:21 7. The Eighth Day 7:41 8. The New King 9:20

This is the early sound of Goa & Ko Phan Gan- very emotional- the essence of Goa- happy, uplifting, soothing, naive music that really fly you to space. If you want to understand the spirit of this CD best, just read what Dan wrote on the booklet- it explains best what this CD is all about.

This was the first release of Har-El P. & DJ Miko together and the mix between them just works beautifully. The tracks are beautifully woven one into the other maintaining the feeling of a musical trip for the mind and heart.

The CD starts with Summer of 89, 11 minutes of beautiful hypnotic, rhythmic and emotional music, easy on the mind and very very moving. That one really touches you on the inside- you can really feel as the sample (taken from Nixon's words on first lunar landing) states that "All of the people on this earth are truly one!"- the ultimate Goa anthem.

Then comes Alala (T2), with that shamanic sampling and grinding repetitiveness going up and down, a lot of layering of synth lines, coming and going all the time- just relentless and with a powerful buildup to send you flying around- a real tribal dance! Tears in My Eyes (T3) does just that- brings tears to my eyes, synths working overtime here to create a really happy atmosphere.

California Sunshine (T4), changes things a bit, weird melodies, a more grinding and mysterious atmosphere here, things get a bit trippy with more tribal shouts, still a winning melodic line, the track is beautifully built all the way through, always changing and moving around- just beautiful.

Canibali (T5), continues that line, a darker track with strong tribal drumming and metallic sounds flying in the back (note the sample- Har-El has used it before). This is my least favorite here. Follows Travel in Time (T6) which is by Nada and DJ Miko, another track with extra melodic work, a nice groove and a lot of nice synth games. The Eighth Day (T7) enters with power, starts dark and keeps on pounding with strength- very well layered, almost Nitzhonot on the melodic side, but full of Har-el's hypnotic rhythms and weird sounds.

Ending this CD is The New King, a jumpy track full of hypnotic mystery sounds flying around, this track is so full of things running around that I never get tired of it- it has off course also great melodic work and great small buildups- just great! And to end the CD the sample says: "We came in peace for all mankind" (Apollo 11 plaque left on Moon).

Recomendation:  This is as I said the real spirit of Goa trance, it's from 1997, but the music is way older than that. Keep that in mind when you listen to it. For me personally, this is a must CD for someone that wants to understand what this music is all about, andů it's an amazing musical experience.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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