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February 25 , 2024
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Chemical Synthesis - Final Fantasy

 ( BNE ,  Feb. 1999 )

1. Battle Zone 7:11 2. Final Fantasy 7:05 3. The Tripy & The Brain 7:42 4. Pink Panther 7:02 5. Travel Between Planets 6:46 6. Virtual Sami 7:51 7. New World 6:28 8. Scream Dream 5:53 9. The Last 7:44

Unlike their tracks on Astronomic Trance, Chemical Synthesis presents us here with total morning victorious trance, and trance it is! The cover of the CD itself makes it worth buying.

It all starts with Battle Zone, an awakener, samples of intergalactic war, and base line threatening to destroy the planet- spacey effect that make this track just beautiful. Final Fantasy (T2), reminds me of Holy Men's Desert Storm, not my favorite here, but with a special beat. The Tripy & The Brain (T3), is a bit shallow, but chemically empowered, it turns to something that's fun to listen to. Pink Panther (T4), is just that, a trance mix to that famous toon tune- very melodic, beautifully done, one of the best tracks here. Travel Between Planets (T5), takes you to do just that, and starts the more serious part in this CD. Virtual Sami (T6), is another nice one, and New World (T7), takes you to a new world where all are dancing like there's no tomorrow to happy morning trance tunes- a good reason to by this album. Scream Dream (T8), left no mark, blends well with the rest of this CD. The Last (T9), ends this CD, church bells, judgment day- time to dance, like this is your last day on the face of the earth, the electric guitar line ending this one really does it.

Recomendation:  If you like melodic rhythmic victorious morning trance, you have to get this one. You will hear of these guys in the future, they are taking this music to a new place and open new horizons for it.

Review by : Gal Hadari

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